what is the effect of low blood pressure should we use salt or sugar

What is The Effect of Low Blood Pressure? It is quite possible that at some point you may have felt weakness, dizziness, blurred vision or even fainting. If you have not felt these symptoms, it is likely that you have already seen someone feel this kind of discomfort. What to do at that time? Give salt or sugar to the person who is not well?

What is The Effect of Low Blood Pressure? Should we use Salt or Sugar?

The misinformation about what to do in such cases, and leave all terrified, may even aggravate the situation. In general, when someone faints or feels dizzy and weak, a drop in blood pressure or hypotension occurs. The low pressure is not a disease, but may be indicative of some, such as hypoglycemia. Cardiologists say that with simple changes of habit it is possible to treat low blood pressure. And that extra salt spray is not the solution.

According to the cardiologist Jose Aid Sad, it is necessary to make an investigation to know the cause of the low pressure and to treat it. “Low blood pressure is not an entity. It is usually a consequence of some other disorder in the body that needs to be investigated,” the doctor explains.

If you start to experience the above symptoms frequently, it is important to seek medical help because it may be hypoglycemia. In general, by eating a glass of orange juice, a spoonful of honey or sugar or candy, the person already feels better. This is because the glucose rate is low. According to endocrinologist Alfredo Halpern, when the glucose level is below 60mg / dl or 70mg / dl can be triggered in crisis, which also causes a headache, tremors, ringing in the ear and can even lead the person to coma.

Therefore, it is important to distinguish, through tests, the low hypoglycemia pressure, to evaluate the best treatment to treat each case.


1. Salt does not solve

According to experts, the salt can raise blood pressure, but it does so slowly, and not in an emergency situation. Therefore, the famous pinch of salt under the tongue, in an emergency situation, is not advised by doctors. This method takes a long time to act on the body and raise blood pressure. The salt retains all the body fluids before acting on the pressure, which ends up being an extremely slow process.

Excessive consumption of salt over a lifetime can, in fact, trigger problems with high blood pressure. So be careful about the excessive use of salt in the food.


2. How to avoid pressure drops

During hot weather, people who have low blood pressure tend to have a lot of effects. To avoid running the risk of fainting in public places, adopt as habits always walk with a bottle of water to hydrate and eat every 3 hours.

Sometimes dehydration occurs on very hot days, so drinking water is critical in the summer for people suffering from low blood pressure, as well as eating at short intervals so that blood sugar levels remain stable.


3. Low-pressure emergency room

Neither salt nor sugar: the best medicine is to put the person on their belly up and raise their legs above the level of the face. This technique helps the blood circulate better to the heart and brain, causing discomfort to pass.

Other quick relief options are: sit the person in a cool, airy place and loosen their clothes.

If the person is able to ingest something, caffeinated beverages such as coffee, black tea or matte tea increase the heart rate and restore the pressure due to the stimulating power of the substance. This tip is worth a moment of emergency.

Keep in mind the importance of looking for a doctor to find out the cause of your low blood pressure. It may just be a poor diet, but it can also be something more serious.