What causes White Spots on Fingernails

What causes White Spots on Fingernails – Beautiful and healthy nails are the desire of almost all women, seeking ways to always be with the impeccable appearance. More than aesthetics, nails have a function of protecting the tips of the fingers and toes and may even help to say how is health. The white specks which often appear and disturb the glazing may represent an allergy, indicating iron deficiency or folic acid deficiency anemia and even. “The appearance of spots on the nails is caused by a change in the development of some nail matrix cells,” said dermatologist Apolonia Sales. Therefore, the cause of whitish appearance needs to be discovered and treated.

What causes White Spots on Fingernails


White spots may represent trauma or lack of minerals

Any white spot on the nail is called the focal leukonychia. When the little marks appear in small white dots, it was possibly caused by traumas that go unnoticed, like strokes at the time to push the cuticle allergies or varnish products such as detergent and soap. “Any trauma, even a repetitive microtrauma can lead to the appearance of white spots. For example the use of the nail to open very tough packaging,” said Apolonia Sales. In such cases, do not hesitate much to do but wait for them to grow again, always taking care to keep your hands and nails hydrated. A dermatologist Renata Francesconi says that the way everyday activities are performed can affect the appearance of the spots. “The ideal is to avoid being too strong with manicure utensils and maintain a balanced diet,” teaches the expert.

A poor diet is also a major enemy of beautiful hands. The lack of calcium, zinc, silicon, folic acid and vitamin B12 may be associated with the weakening of the nails and stains. The lack of such mining can cause diseases such as psoriasis, ringworm and anemia, symptoms that have revealed the nails, as they can also affect, for example, the production of keratin, the material from which they are made. “Nails are made of keratin and changes in their growth and appearance may indicate diseases related to the respiratory system, stomach, endocrin, and blood. The white spots, specifically, can mean nail fungus. In these cases, you should try medical attention for evaluation, “says the dermatologist Apolonia Sales.


Hydration is the best way to keep always beautiful nails

As there are many causes for persistent white specks, it is important to see a doctor to make a correct diagnosis. A few tips, however, can help make your nails always beautiful and hydrated, avoiding the trauma and the off-white aspects. For the dermatologist Jomara Estefaneli, the Institute of Pelle, is important to maintain good nutrition, replenishing the vitamins may interfere with the health of nails, and remember to always moisturize. “Well Taking the enamel remover, leaving no trace of it, and spend a good moisturizer (such as urea-based) on the day to do it again,” teaches the expert, who also alert to the use of gloves to perform household chores, ensuring that your hands will not stay in contact with products that can cause allergies.