Tips and Spreadsheet to Lose Weight and Evolve Conditioning

Many of those who live on the sofa may not believe it, but the transition from walking to running can be a pleasurable and natural time. The fundamental, according to physical education professor Rodrigo Contó Ferreira, technical manager for the sports consultancy Good Running, in São Paulo, is to get out of inertia. “Start with 20 to 30 minutes a day on a comfortable walk. Go increasing time and pace gradually, making your muscles, joints, and heart become accustomed to working overload. ”

Lose Weight and Evolve Conditioning

The activity will obviously produce better effects (read weight loss) if it is practiced on a regular basis. Such a “race bug” can bite you. But you must help him. Recruiting friends to accompany you in this endeavor is a great strategy. You will have encouragement and company to talk over the activity. If this partner is healthy to play a watchdog role, it will be more difficult to get out of training. It is good to choose companions with a level of conditioning at least similar to yours. Attempting to accompany someone with a higher level may present a risk of injury. Do not overdo it, be constant. And have fun!

Tips to follow the spreadsheet and lose weight in a healthy way in this process

  1. The beginning of a physical activity routine for those who are overweight and want to get into shape should be light. Just beat the laziness. Starting walking comfortably for 20 to 30 minutes is not reachable. Gradually, the pace and amount of minutes will rise. It is good to stress. It is not necessary to hurry. Your muscles, joints, and heart need time to get accustomed to working overload. The good news is they will get used to it.
  2. Be sure to undergo a medical and physical evaluation before starting the activity. The exams are important, unavoidable, unavoidable. Schedule, check in on time. Take it seriously. Neglecting this item is neglecting your quality of life.
  3. Consult a physical education professional to accompany you along the way. It will elaborate the ideal spreadsheet for your goal, to guide you. Listen to him and talk to him. The relationship between coach and student is sacred. We just give it a squeeze.
  4. Make an effort to practice physical activity regularly. Has a compromise overlapped the agenda? Be honest with yourself, do not practice self-sabotage. In other words: if you practice it, the loser will be … you.
  5. Do not skimp on proper clothing and shoes. Do not be afraid to take out of the closet sneakers manufactured for the practice of other sports. An Air Jordan, for example, has an excellent damping system. But you will not jump to catch a rebound. You will walk, then you will run.
  6. Caprice on stretches before and after exercise. Try to feel the pleasure of preparing your muscles in the right way, even if it is not such an interesting activity – but essential to avoid injury.
  7. Another professional you should listen to a nutritionist. Food re-education is essential. It is necessary to have a negative caloric balance (lower intake x greater expense). This is achieved through an individualized program established with a goal as its goal. The goals are worth it: higher quality of life, well-being, reconciliation with oneself.


Running Slimming Worksheet

Now that you know what to do, you have to follow the training program and carefully observe the days of rest and training. This will be critical to your physical evolution without harming your health.