the importance of water in our nutrition

Hello, how are you? Today I want to talk about something very essential for our health!

The Importance of Water in Our Nutrition
The Importance of Water in Our Nutrition

The water. Yes, I know that you will say that you have heard about this subject several times, and it is true, but it is always good to remember the importance of this element that nature provides us and is so essential for our life. To say that our body needs water to function and that our body weight is around 60% water is also not new. Warning: women, there is no use running out of the water to lose weight. On the contrary, drinking lots of water helps us to lose those extra pounds. Enjoy and reinforce this tip!

Experts ask us to drink around 2 liters of water a day, as water is essential for the functioning of our metabolism and many organs. But why talk about things you already know?

1 – Reinforce, because it has always been important and I believe it will not stop being while we are on this planet;

2 – In the current situation, in which we face a virus that has been causing fear worldwide, this becomes even more important.

Did you know that water is one of the indications to prevent COVID-19?

Yes, because water works as a filter for the body. In this way, it helps to eliminate toxins present in the body through sweat and urine. We are not saying that if you take liters of the liquid you will remain immune, it is not the Fake News of warm water. In fact, it is a preventive measure, because of the water hydrates and helps us prevent other diseases.

The power of water

I couldn’t finish this article without mentioning Dr. Masaru Emoto’s famous experiment. Don’t know? The one in which he writes on paper words like Love, Peace, Joy, and others like: Hatred, Anger. Then, he glues these papers in a glass of water and follows the evolution of the water molecules.

Remembered? I believe that you must have already seen it… It is incredible the “organization” of the water molecules for the different words! Just stick to this example and drink water … if it can change its own molecules, what it can’t do with our bodies, isn’t it?