Sore Throat that Wont Go Away

Beware of Frequent Sore Throats – During the winter, sore throats may become more frequent. All because of weather changes and falling temperatures, which alter the immune status, facilitating infections by viruses and bacteria. But attention is needed: one or two bouts of pain per year are considered normal; five or six may indicate the presence of other problems.

Sore Throat that Wont Go Away


According to the otorhinolaryngologist Fernando Portinho, people who feel such discomfort repeatedly should seek medical help to investigate the cause.

  • With the examination of the throat, it is possible to see if it has pus, which shows that the infection is bacterial, or if it is only red. In that case, it is a viral infection – says Portinho, head of the otolaryngology department of the Hospital San Francisco in Providencia de Deus.

When the pain is caused by bacteria, it usually comes with a fever, lasts about a week and needs antibiotic treatment. If the pathogen is a virus, the crisis goes on with painkillers in three or four days.

There are also other causes for frequent sore throats, such as gastric reflux. The acidity of gases from the stomach causes the problem, which comes along with constant clearing. Breathing an open mouth during sleep can result in bouts of pain in the morning, dry throat.

Permanent sore throats, which do not go through with treatment, may be a symptom of cancer in the area. The disease, caused mainly by the combination of smoking with alcohol, attacks more men from the age of 50. Recently, actor Guilherme Leme, 51, said he was doing radiotherapy to fight the problem.


Permanence is severe

According to the oncologist Paulo Mora, from the COI Group and the Inca, in cases of cancer, sore throat usually manifests with hoarseness and voice alterations.

The diagnosis is made through examinations and, when necessary, biopsy of lesions.

  • If the cancer is detected early, the chances of cure are very great