See 7 Foods That Speed up Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight

Thus, some foods can become heroes. The reason is that metabolism has to work harder to break down fats, a component more present in processed foods, for example. Therefore, to burn more calories and store less fat, it is necessary to consume foods that increase the power of this metabolism. Check out 7 foods that contribute to this.

See 7 Foods That Speed up Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight
See 7 Foods That Speed up Metabolism and Help You Lose Weight

Salmon: Research suggests that omega-3s, which contain this type and other qualities of fish, help build muscle, and the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn. This component can also reduce fat accumulation and lower cholesterol levels. Ideally, two servings of salmon should be eaten per week.

Yogurt: Calcium-rich foods have super slimming powers, according to Fox News. According to one study, consuming too little of this mineral can increase your body’s ability to accumulate fats. With 50% more calcium per serving than milk, yogurt is a potent source and helps to contain probiotics that can control abdominal fat. The ideal is to consume at least two servings daily.

Avocado: To have a faster metabolism, you need to keep your body away from inflammation and your veins clean and functioning well. Therefore, the combo present in avocados that has good and monounsaturated fats, in addition to antioxidants, helps to keep these issues up to date. And, consumption of a unit of up to 14 grams helps to burn calories. The suggestion is to consume one to two servings a day of foods with good fat.

Beans: rich in resistant starch and fiber, beans force the body to use extra energy to digest it. A study at the University of Colorado, USA, suggests that consuming foods rich in resistant starch, such as other types of grains and not very ripe bananas, can increase your calorie-burning power by more than 24% daily. The ideal is to consume one serving at each meal.

Pepper: Pepper really burns, since the chemical compound capsaicin, found in peppers, can stimulate the body to eliminate between 50 and 100 extra calories per day. The ideal is to consume the hottest pepper you can, but be careful, as many people cannot stand the strongest.

Green tea: the combination of caffeine and an oxidant called catechins is able to stimulate the nervous system and increase fat burning. Studies suggest that drinking green tea can help reduce weight. The suggestion is to consume several glasses a day, but each person should pay attention to how the caffeine affects the body.

Coffee: Just as you use it to stay awake, your body will also do the same thing. The caffeine contained in an eventual cup of coffee can speed up metabolism by up to 15%, in addition to helping to mobilize forces that promote fat burning. The ideal is to drink between one and two cups daily, especially before exercising.