Plastic Surgery for Acne Scars

The Plastic surgery for acne scars is the solution for those who had many pimples and is now trying to treat the marks that were on his face. There are several techniques that can make the skin smooth and smooth again, but before opting for a procedure, it is critical to consult with a dermatologist.

Adolescence is a complicated time that leaves marks for the rest of life, the scars. The famous pimples and acne pass, but the marks stay forever, no matter how long they have appeared. Many people who have this problem end up with low self-esteem and having difficulty relating.

Plastic Surgery for Acne Scars

At the time the blackheads and pimples appear, there is care that can be taken to avoid acne scars such as scrub and face wash with special soap. Not squeezing the ruptures that appear on the skin is also a way of fighting the marks.


Treatments for acne scars

There are many treatments for acne scars that promise to do away with facial injuries. The problem is that these procedures are time-consuming and take years to remove all skin tags.

Who does not know how to treat acne scars should know the carboxitherapy, a technique in which the marks are filled with gel and leveled according to the rest of the skin. The procedure also stimulates the production of collagen and performs the natural filling. The result is more even skin.

The microdermabrasion for acne scars is also a solution that is making success in the field of aesthetic medicine. The technique uses a device that makes a sanding of the face, leaving the skin even. Sandpaper acts superficially and positive results can only be seen after 10 sessions.

In the most difficult cases, the best option is the plastic for acne scars.


Plastic Surgery for Acne Scars

One of the most effective procedures to eliminate the acne scar is the removal of the lesion through a small surgery with local anesthesia. The procedure is done by removing excess internal and external skin in the region of the scar. There is no minimum or maximum age for performing this surgery, which can happen in the doctors office, with an average duration of one hour.

After removal of the tissue, plastic surgery for acne scars is completed with beta therapy, a superficial radiation made in several sessions. This technique prevents the proliferation of abnormal cells that form the keloid and can prevent the problem from recurring.

Many people are afraid to undergo cosmetic surgery precisely because every surgical procedure causes some scarring. However, beta-therapy for acne is precisely so that there are no marks after this type of procedure.

The treatment by beta-therapy against scars is performed with a radioactive source device, usually of strontium, that emits beta rays in the layer of the skin, where the cells are responsible for the formation of the lesions. A 1-centimeter plate is placed in contact with the affected tissue. The sessions are performed at 24-hour intervals and the time dispensed depends on the size of the scar. On average, it takes ten repetitions of the procedure to completely eliminate the marks.

Surgical dermabrasion is also a way to solve acne scars. The procedure is similar to microdermabrasion, but requires anesthesia and uses thicker sandpaper.

Need after plastic care for acne scars
After removing acne scars , it is important that the patient take some special care to avoid problems such as blemishes or infections.

  • Avoid sun exposure;
  • Avoid exposure to wind;
  • Do not remove the dressings before one week;
  • Avoid physical exertion;
  • Wear sunscreen every day;
  • Avoid knocking at the surgery site.