Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

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Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean – South Korea is one of the countries with the highest worldwide rate of plastic surgery. This is due to a phenomenon related to the Westernization, already verified in China. The eyelid surgery is possibly the surgery that evidences the biggest difference between western and eastern. The eyelid of the Orientals differs in the thickness of the skin, position of the eyelid fold, and position of the eyelashes -orientals have the lashes facing downwards. The Westernization surgery is one of the most sought after in the country.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a procedure that aims to perfect the body and add both functional improvements and self-esteem.

According to its purpose, plastic surgery can be:

– Aesthetic: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the one done with the objective of improving the appearance of a certain region of the body. A very common example in these cases are women who have large breasts and have cervical pains. Problems like this imply difficulties ranging from functional problems to social mishaps;

– Repair: Repairing Plastic Surgery has as main purpose the correction of the most varied lesions, which include serious burns, breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, sequelae caused by accidents, fracture of the bones of the face, lesions caused by tumors or cancers of fur, among others.

The surgery consists of the construction of “a fold in the upper eyelid”, usually associated with removal of excess skin and fat. It is a small surgery, but rather meticulous and complex. The result is immediate. The eyelid becomes swollen for a few days. The stitches are removed with 5 days. This surgery gives the false impression of increased eyes. The biggest benefit is a more expressive, more vivid look. But it is not the only one checked in Koreas aesthetic clinics as we can see in this photo gallery.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean 1

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean


The most popular surgeries in Korean are:

  • Liposuction;
  • Breast augmentation (silicone);
  • Abdominoplasty (removal of excess fat in the abdomen);
  • Blepharoplasty (removal of excess skin on the eyelids);
  • Breast reduction.

When choosing a surgeon, make sure:

  • If the recommended doctor has a specialization in plastic surgery;
  • Do not select at random, ask for indications and referral of people who have already had surgery;
  • Ask your family doctor for an appointment.

At the moment of the consultation it is the responsibility of the surgeon:

  • To seek information about the patients expectations through surgery;
  • Express the risks involved and provide the information that includes the surgical procedure, such as the degree of complexity, type of anesthesia to be used, hospitalization, length of rest, determining restrictions and care to be adopted;
  • Request all preoperative exams;
  • Take pictures of the region in which the surgery will be performed;
  • The final decision about whether or not to follow the surgery will be determined by you.

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