Can Pregnant Women Eat Ceviche

Nowadays, ceviche is a trendy Peruvian raw fish dish, along with sushi, anchovies in vinegar, or smoked fish. However, it is not as good as everyone thinks during pregnancy, although it contains… Read More

What causes Jaundice in Babies?

what causes jaundice in babies

Is it worrisome for the newborn to have jaundice?

More than 50 percent of healthy, absolutely normal babies get yellowed skin the first few days after birth. If this happens to your baby, you… Read More

Best Treatment Options for Melasma

To treat melasma, which consists of dark spots on the skin, whitening creams such as hydroquinone or tretinoin can be used, or cosmetic treatments such as laser, chemical peeling, or micro-needling,Read More

7 Ways to Speed ​​up Labor

To speed up the labor, you can use some natural methods such as taking a 1-hour walk in the morning and afternoon, at a fast pace, or increasing the frequency of intimate contact, as this helps… Read More

How to Get Pregnant With Twins

The twins happen in the same family due to genetic predisposition but there are some external factors that can contribute to a twin pregnancy, such as taking a medication that stimulates … Read More

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