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How to Care for Low Porosity Hair

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair – As I wrote in the previous posts, knowing the porosity of your hair is important because it means how your hair retains moisture or even if it absorbs water. To understand what kind of porosity your hair has, you will want to perform a porosity test. With this, you will determine if your hair has a high porosity or low porosity.

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair

If your curls are of low porosity, this means that your hair cuticles are tight and resistant to opening by water and/or moisture. Often those with low hair porosity feel as if the products used are on top of their hair rather than penetrating the hair and scalp. As a result, they feel the hard curls or straw type. –¬†signs of low porosity hair

Because hair with low porosity resists moisture, they tend to be sensitive to protein so it is best to stay away from products that contain protein or use them too restrictively. Moisturizers rich in emollients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and moisturizers that attract and retain moisture are the best options for this type of hair. You will also want to select lighter, liquid-based oils such as hair kinds of milk, grape oil, argan or jojoba oil, which will not leave your hair too oily or greasy.

The best ways to ensure that hair with low porosity retain moisture is to apply products while the hair is wet, not moist. By allowing the hair to dry (outdoors) and let a little water drip, then it will be able to absorb more products. In addition, you can try to incorporate a vaporizer into your hair routine. Spray the hair for 15-30 minutes once a week, helps lift the cuticles and infuse the hair damper. A curler activator can also give curls moisture. While curler activators have been used to replenish the moisture of chemically treated hair, natural hair can also benefit from it to have more moisturized curls.

There are also methods that can help lift the cuticles safely and, temporarily, for better absorption of moisture. The use of products that contain alkaline has the ability to temporarily lift the cuticle of the hair as you rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar. An example of an alkaline product is baking soda, when mixed with water, applied to the hair and then rinsed is called the “cherry Lola treatment” then I will try to make a post about it. After this treatment, you can apply the product and it will be easier for your hair to absorb product.

Hair with low porosity can produce a head full of beautiful curls when properly cared for. –¬†How to Care for Low Porosity Hair