What causes Jaundice in Babies?

what causes jaundice in babies

Is it worrisome for the newborn to have jaundice?

More than 50 percent of healthy, absolutely normal babies get yellowed skin the first few days after birth. If this happens to your baby, you… Read More

How do Babies Breathe in Utero?

How do Babies Breathe in Utero –┬áThe baby does not actually breathe in the womb – at least not in the usual sense. He gets all the oxygen necessary for the functions of your body … Read More

How to Get Pregnant With Twins

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When does a Baby Start Teething?

When does a Baby Start Teething?

Usually, the teething begins to be born when the baby stops breastfeeding exclusively around 6 months, is an important development milestone. The babys … Read More

How to Stimulate the Newborn?

The child is a being in motor development, cognitive, emotional and social. Psychomotor development is a dynamic and continuous process, being constant the order of appearance of different… Read More

How Long do Babies Wear Diapers

How Long Babies Wear Diapers – During your first pregnancy, you would like to know how many layers are used per day for a baby? This question is quite normal, even more so when it is a first… Read More