Is It Bad to Smoke Weed while Pregnant

Is It Bad to Smoke Weed while Pregnant – Pregnant women who smoke should be careful. The substances present in the cigarette are not only harmful to them. Babies can also have serious complications.

Women who keep smoking addiction in the first three months of pregnancy run the risk of suffering natural abortion, bleeding, placental takeoff and premature childbirth, as well as congenital health problems for the baby.

does smoking weed while pregnant harm the baby

When its still in the belly, the fetus absorbs everything in the mothers blood. The smoker mother, plus oxygen in the blood also has carbon monoxide, which is released by cigarette smoke. That is the baby “smokes” along with his mother. Moreover, nicotine, another substance present in the cigarette, narrows the blood vessels causing fewer nutrients and oxygen to the fetus, which may lead to serious development problems.

“There are many damages that cigarette consumption can generate. There are great odds that the baby is born premature and with a weight beneath normal, among other ills. Therefore, mothers need to be cautious with their childrens health, “says the gynecologist Flavia Fairbanks.

Besides the ills that cigarette brings to the fetus, Moms health is also impaired. Because of the narrowing of the blood vessels caused by the nicotine, and the natural pressure that the pregnancy causes in the abdominal veins, the blood circulation in the legs is compromised, causing thrombosis, which is the formation of clots within the veins. If it is not treated rapidly, thrombosis can be complicated and cause more serious problems as:

Pulmonary embolism: The clot can loosen the vein and go to the lung, causing lack of air and pain to breathe. The severity of the problem depends on the size of the clot, ranging from subtle to acute respiratory failure.

Thrombosis in the placenta: it is the formation of clots in the placenta, which can evolve into insufficiency placental (the placenta can no longer take oxygen and nutrients to the fetus). Gravity is also variable, and in the most serious frames can lead to the death of the baby.

“There is no novelty in stating that cigarette can stimulate the development of various diseases; Still, a lot of people insist on maintaining addiction. What worsens the situation, in the case of pregnant women, is that they will not be harming only the body itself, but also that of a baby which, at birth, can already present several problems on account of the mothers harmful habit, “declares Dr. Flávia.