How to Wake Up Early if You Sleep Late

How to Wake Up Early if You Sleep Late

In this article, I give the pen to Mathilde of the blog Mexico Marco Vasco who regularly gives very useful advice to all travelers of the world. In the following article, she reveals her tips for finding sleep and taking full advantage of re-entry.

How to Wake Up Early if You Sleep Late

It is true that after weeks of vacation, we got used to staying in bed in the morning. Now that we take on the daily routine, we sometimes struggle every morning to wake up early, be punctual, and face our daily obligations, especially when work or study schedules are inflexible.

What are the benefits of getting up early?

First of all, I would like to tell you that getting up early in the morning is a good habit that will give you time to approach your day differently and have the sensation of better-enjoying life. As the old adage says, “life belongs to those who rise early.” For your health, waking up early and resting in the morning can bring you emotional well-being and a better mood. Having time in the morning before leaving the house will allow you to quickly realize and complete your daily tasks and not accumulate them during the week.

From a professional point of view, people who say “early risers” seem more methodical and orderly. For the most part, they come up with good results on what they are undertaking and are able to keep their commitments. Getting up early and having more time also makes it easier to cope with everyday worries, to be more tolerant, and to better manage your stress.

Of course, all these benefits are only worth it if you sleep enough (7 hours on average on 24 hrs). So if you want to know these effects, do not go to bed too late and follow the following tips.

The solution is very simple for those who do not always get up rested early in the morning. You will just have to get used to a new rhythm by setting a slight daily discipline before, at bedtime, and finally waking up. To do this, the following tips will surely help you get up early and save time each morning:

1. Prepare well before going to bed

You do not achieve a goal if you are poorly prepared. So you have to have quality sleep to be able to get up early while being freshly rested. For this, you should get rid of some bad habits that can harm your sleep.

We will avoid practicing sports in the evenings at times too close to bedtime. Some people think that after good physical activity, fatigue will sleep better. This is a bad idea because studies show that physical exercise increases body temperature as well as heart rate which disturbs the physiological conditions of falling asleep. So we should find a good niche for practicing sport (before 6 pm). I invite you to discover how to use the sport to sleep better.

Dinner must also be taken at appropriate times (2 h before bedtime). Also, it is not advisable to eat too fast and to do other things at the same time. When one eats too fast, the food is not enough chewed which will make digestion more difficult during the night and thus disturb sleep. Also when you watch TV while eating, you eat a lot more than you need, which may disturb your stomach and keep you awake.

2. Taking good habits when you go to bed

Everyone must first know and respect his or her sleep needs that vary from one person to another. If you need 7 hours of sleep for example, and you have to get up at 6 in the morning, then you should not sleep after 11 pm at night. Also, take into account the few minutes needed to sleep (15-20 minutes). The best trick is to lie down and get up at fixed times. At first, it will be a bit complicated, but believe me, after a week, your body will get used to and follow the cadence.

A very important thing is also to adjust your alarm clock, i.e. to set it at the right time in order to avoid falling asleep when you are awake. The solution is to put a loud enough ringer and put it away from your bed to avoid turning it off when it will sound. You will be forced to stand up and put it out yourself. And don’t go back to bed.

Once in your bed, turn off all sources of lights and especially computer screens, telephones, tablets, television, or other light screens. The light will disturb your sleep by giving a message to your brain that it is daylight. Melatonin that promotes sleep is only secreted in darkness. The light then prevents its necessary release to sleep.

Especially do not watch TV in your room while you are in bed for the reasons mentioned just before. In addition, depending on the program you are looking at, you could generate stress or not stop thinking about what you just saw. A good trick is to take a good book and let his eyes get tired. A dozen minutes of reading is beneficial and can if you do it every evening create a bedtime ritual that will be associated with drowsiness.

3. A well-tuned and relaxing alarm clock

Once your alarm sounds, try to open your eyes immediately, get up and out of the room. If you have trouble, set yourself some goals so you can enjoy the fact of getting up. At the same time, it will be necessary to see the good side of the day in order to motivate you not to lie down. You could even prepare these motivating goals at night before you get up and call them back in the morning.

Putting you in action will keep your desires from going back to sleep. The key is really to get out of the room. You can go to the kitchen, prepare your coffee, drink a glass of water or do some physical exercises in the garden or the Hatha yoga or for the more sophisticated yoga Ashtanga. Otherwise, a good hot shower with fragrant soap will make you the greatest good to start your day. The warmth of the shower will raise your body temperature and stimulate your muscles. You can also finish your shower with cold water on your face in order to finish your waking up and eliminate your dark circles

Even if you are in a hurry, the very important step is breakfast. Treat yourself to a delicious full breakfast to replenish your energy reserves. Prefer a protein-based breakfast and avoid sugar that promotes drowsiness instead. The proteins activate the brain awakening systems and then increase your vigilance. Take a hot drink like tea or coffee and a large glass of fresh fruit juice vitamin or even fruit like the kiwi for example rich in vitamin C. To complete this crucial moment, why not add some music or listen to a morning show on the radio to make the beginning of your day joyful. Otherwise, reading a daily newspaper will keep you informed of the events that have taken place the day before.

If you follow my advice, you will be able to discover the benefits of getting up early in the morning. It will become a habit that you will not be able to take into account of the benefits that you will feel. You can then put a little order in your mind and find the resources to better manage your daily life. So everyone has to choose the ideal outlook for their daily lives in order to appreciate each day and achieve their life goals. Try this new rhythm by following these tips and you will develop another way to think and face the potential obstacles to your projects serenely.