How to Take Good Care of Your Braces During Pandemic?

The public health sector was not able to perform at its best capacity due to the Coronavirus. Orthodontic clinics also got closed. Millions of patients were stranded in the middle of their treatment without any professional orthodontic care.
We are presenting some details of a study conducted regarding the orthodontic update on the pandemic. It shows the massive impact of the pandemic on orthodontic patients. It is to remind you that you should know how to take care of your braces during such uncertainties. Let us look at some numbers first!
How to Take Good Care of Your Braces During Pandemic?
How to Take Good Care of Your Braces During Pandemic?

Observations of the Study

  • There were 388 participants of around 20 years whose response was checked.
  • Out of the total 388 participants, 291 (75%) were females.
  • 226 (58%) participants received their treatment at a public clinic.
  • 224 (69%) participants cited that they could not attend their due appointment because of the closed clinics.
  • 106 (27.3%) participants are still not able to follow through with their appointment.
  • Participants were treated with different types of appliances. Therefore they faced different types of challenges.
  • They all figured out ways to overcome those challenges.
  • Maximum participants, i.e., 327 (84%), were on fixed appliances.
  • Out of those 327 participants with fixed appliances, only 64 (21%) confirmed facing no trouble.
  • Whereas only 11 (39%) out of the total participants on removable appliances cited no trouble.
  • And only 8 (36%)out of the total participants on the clear aligner stated that they had no trouble.

Derived Conclusion

Maximum patients couldn’t attend their orthodontic appointment due to Covid-19. It affected their treatment progress and put them in a clueless state regarding their orthodontic care. Participants who were patients of a public health clinic with fixed appliances were more troubled.
Teleorthodontics was not used enough. Orthodontists should come up with ways to prepare patients for unforeseeable circumstances.

Braces Care During Pandemic

The vaccination is still going on, and the pandemic is not over yet. There can be another lockdown if the spread of Covid-19 increases. Therefore we are sharing some proven tips here on braces care during the pandemic.

Keep Your Braces Clean

There is a correct way to clean your teeth braces. Don’t only brush your teeth in the morning and night. Instead, Brush them after every meal. The size of your brush should be small enough to get around your braces. Use fluoride-rich toothpaste and mouthwash. Cleaning removable braces is even simpler. You can take it out and clean it easily.

Follow the Dos and Don’ts of Diet While on Braces

Here is a reminder of what you should eat and what you should avoid for braces care. Drink lots of water and other sugar-free detoxifying drinks. You can happily eat unflavoured cheese, crackers, soft fruits, and veggies. Don’t consume fizzy drinks, sugary beverages, and foods. It means you need to stay away from all the sodas, juices, candies, cookies, etc.

Don’t Do anything That Can Break Your Braces

Chewing your pen lid or nails is harmful to your braces. Also, avoid fiddling with your braces. Some more foodstuff that you should avoid is crunchy, sticky, and hard food. These foods can damage or even break your braces. Cut hard foods into small pieces before eating them. And never try to fix your braces yourself. If you notice any loose ends, contact your orthodontist at the earliest.

Parting Words!

These tips will help you in taking care of braces on your own. Also, ask your orthodontist to prepare you for orthodontic care if you are unable to visit for a follow-up appointment due to a Coronavirus outbreak.