How to Stop Smoking? Professional Tips

How to Stop Smoking – The cigarette is undoubtedly a discomfort in the lives of smokers and those who are close. It is important that you try to quit smoking as there are some places that according to state laws smoking is already prohibited. To preserve the health of non-smokers. Lets show you a step by step, so you can eliminate the cigarette for good.

How to Stop Smoking

According to pulmonologists, there are some tips that can stop smoking:


1 – Believe in you

Know that dropping the cigarette may be possible. You sure have already made much more difficult choices in life, and so with determination, you can quit smoking. You should decide, know that there are adequate treatments with psychologists.


2- Have your plan to stop smoking

Create a plan, that is, create a routine. With the plan, you can better define your treatment and thus set a coherent goal. Get help from psychologists and pulmonologists to help you put together the plan.


3 – Define why you need to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is not only a decision but a new way of life. If you know that smoking damages the health of the body and also the health of the financial, you are already on the right path, to ensure a better quality of life.


4- Help from family and friends is paramount

For those who do treatment, having support from family and friends is essential. It is necessary for family and friends to know that stopping smoking for some time can bring mood swings.


5- Choose a date to start quitting smoking

You must choose a day, to take the attitude of quitting smoking. You should always write it down. So your mind and body will be educated for the new life.


6- Listen to the opinion of a medical specialist

When deciding to quit smoking, you need to consult a specialist so that it points you to the right path. The chances of eliminating cigarettes from your life are much higher.


7- Exercise regularly

Whatever an exercise, it does inhibit the effects of smoking. It brings relief to the stress, and even strengthens the body, giving rejuvenation, mainly to the skin.

Begin the exercises slowly, on average twice a week. The ideal is to determine 30 to 40 minutes and increase to 3 or 4 times a week. Before choosing an exercise routine, you should consult your doctor, and do exams, to find out if you can actually perform.


8- Practice breathing exercises, about 3 to 5 minutes

You should breathe slowly through your nose, then hold your breath, and after a few seconds exhale slowly through your mouth. You can perform breathing with your eyes closed.


Finally, be persistent when deciding to quit smoking

By wanting to quit smoking, for many, it can be an arduous decision. But with the help of pulmonologists and psychologists, this can come true. It is important that the smoker want to change their lives and also care for their health.