how to stop sagging belly

Flaccidity in the belly is very common among women. However, this problem is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle that is also common to most working people and has many things to do. The sedentarism combined with poor nutrition ends up having consequences such as flaccidity in the belly area, among other aesthetic problems and even health.

How To Stop Sagging Belly

To get rid of the dreaded flabby belly you have to adopt some healthy habits. After all, in order for your body to look good, you also need to be healthy and well cared for. Check out our tips on how to end sagging belly with these tips:


Balanced Nutrition

Start taking care of yourself more from the food. Nutrition is the main factor to be considered. Always choose a balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients but without exaggeration. Give preference to fruits and vegetables that function as regulators of the gut improving your well being.

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index such as pasta, sweets in general and some fruits like mango and avocado. These foods move the insulin, a hormone that stores excess sugar in the form of fat in the body.

Low-glycemic carbohydrates can be consumed at-wills, such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Recommended foods are green, yellow, citrus fruits, whole grains, tomatoes, carrots, leaves in general, milk, fish – which contain antioxidants containing vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E – carotenoids and selenium.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and aid the bodys metabolism, so that, working well, it does not let you accumulate fat in places like the belly and the breech.


Eat protein

Be sure to ingest protein if you wish to eliminate the sagging of your belly. Meat is the largest source of protein, but you can also find it in lesser amounts in whole grains, beans, and some vegetables and leaves.

The ingestion of collagen is also recommended as it helps to strengthen tissues and decrease sagging. Collagen can be found in significant amount in gelatin.

However, be careful if you eat regular gelatine, as they usually have sugar and should only be eaten at the right times, ie at the time of the dessert meal.


Exercises to stop belly flaccidity

One of the important steps for those who want to eliminate the flabby belly and prevent it from getting that way again is the practice of physical exercises. Those who do not like the gym should practice at least a walk or pedaling. According to experts, the best exercises to lose belly sagging are strength, endurance, and stretching exercises; like bodybuilding, body pump and gymnastics.

Physical activity helps to stiffen muscles, leaving them stronger and denser, thus decreasing sagging. But it takes dedication to start practicing and not stopping, because otherwise, the tummy may become flabby again.

Lastly, do not forget that none of these tips alone will work miracles. It is necessary to combine good nutrition with regular exercise and discipline. By following these suggestions together you may be able to leave your belly firm and look more beautiful – heal.