This recipe is very simple to make and economical, being a great strategy to keep your skin clean and healthy. You only need 1 bar soap of 90g and 300 mL of water, and if you prefer, you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice to improve the scent of your homemade soap.

To do so, just grate the soap using a coarse grater and then place it in a pan and bring it to a medium heat with the water. Always stir and don’t let it burn, boil or cook. After cooling, add the drops of essential oil and place in a container for liquid soap.

How to Make Liquid Soap
How to Make Liquid Soap

What is the best soap for you

Each area of ​​our body needs a specific soap because the pH of the face, body and intimate area is not the same. With the recipe indicated here you can save and create your liquid version of all the soaps you need to have at home.

This homemade liquid soap is less aggressive to the skin but fulfills its duty to clean the skin properly. See the table below for the ideal type of soap for each situation:

Type of soap Most suitable body region
Intimate soap Genital region only
Antiseptic soap In case of infected wounds – Do not use on a daily basis
Soap with salicylic acid and sulfur Areas with Acne
Children’s soap Face and body of babies and children

When to use antiseptic soap

Antibacterial soaps like Soapex or Protex, contain triclosan, and are more suitable for washing infected wounds, but for it to have an effect, the soap must be in contact with the skin for 2 minutes.

Antiseptic soaps are not indicated for daily use, either on the body or on the face because they fight all types of microorganisms, even the good ones that help to protect the skin, leaving it more prone to irritation.

The main difference between them is that ordinary soap only removes bacteria from the skin, while antibacterial soap does kill, which is not good for the environment. In addition, over time they cease to be so effective because the bacteria become resistant, becoming even stronger, making even the effect of antibiotic remedies more difficult.

Thus, for everyday life, healthy people do not need to wash their hands or bathe with antibacterial soap because only clean water and ordinary soap are already effective for cleaning the skin and refreshing the body.