How to Lose Weight by Running

Are you running the fastest way to lose weight? Running is the best method of exercise to lose weight. It combines weight, bone and muscle building movement with aerobic demands and is accessible to almost anyone, anywhere, as a fitness option.

How to Lose Weight by Running
How to Lose Weight by Running


Burning calories with running are 30 percent higher than with gait. The appearance of weight support and the resistance of inclined surfaces make it more effective than swimming.


Run for more than 30 minutes in one session, at least three times a week to see the benefits of weight loss. If you have been sedentary, starting to exercise will make a difference, but once you reach a moderate level of fitness, longer duration or intensity of seeing weight loss is required.

Slow combustion

All races burn calories, but the components of the body based on energy are different in a long and slow routine. This type of operation burns more stored fat.


In operation, it is easy to change your routine, add in small bursts of greater intensity to burn more calories. Hills, stairs, extra miles, and intervals can be added or subtracted to adapt your training.


Running builds muscles and activates metabolism. This, in turn, causes greater use of calories, even when the body is at rest.

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You may be asked many things to your sports discipline and to your good diet, but the most important thing at that time may be: to lose weight. If that is your wish, you should also know that, even if you go running every day and maintain a diet, the scale can become your worst enemy if you see that you are not managing to lose weight. It may be that the intensity with which you exercise is not adequate or that the culprit of this war is the diet you are following.