How to Get Rid of Lice Permanently

How to Get Rid of Lice Permanently – Sometimes you have to dig your head to find effective remedies against lice. To believe the few moms with whom I have spoken in recent times, it sometimes curls the hell, the units. But rest assured: there are effective and inexpensive natural remedies to overcome. Just make a little effort to get it.

How to Get Rid of Lice Permanently

By Poutatix

To counter lice and nits, we want it to go fast. Often, therefore, a chemical option (reputed to be faster) is used: Artificial insecticide-based products (e.g. malathion) or natural (such as pyrethrin), which act on the nervous system of pests, or substances containing synthetic silicone oils (based on diméticones) and cyclophthirine (mixture of ester and fatty acids) that smother them.

Between flammable solutions, those whose scent makes you turn from the eye and those that promise you to settle the case in an application when it takes at least two or three … youre already whining. Add to that the use of a fine iron comb to recover the critters at the root … and the capillary gardening becomes your favorite activity for a few weeks. Nice.

The thing is that there are much more efficient and less expensive options. They also have the merit of being tested and endorsed by my Entourage – hear “trendy, high-demand, eco-friendly girlfriends for safe treatment and finding a viable substitute for traditional solutions”. And Im not talking about the lice necklace.

A magic cure but hard to find

My memory of a few delousing sessions over the sink of the family bathroom reminds me how unpleasant these moments are – for the one Épouille as much as for the one who Épouille. This ancestral technique can certainly complement the application of a solution but in no case be called “effective” in the sense that we hear the term today.

The Magic product we never talk about is the mother tincture of Staphysagria. The result of the Staphisagria otherwise called “Ragweed”, it is a homeopathic solution not certified by scientific laboratories … but whose efficacy is, it seems, formidable. “It is enough to apply every night for a week about ten drops on the hair, the effect is radical”, says Marielle B. The ultra curly and dense hair of his little Paloma is eternally grateful for this solution which removes lice and nits and can also be applied in a preventative way. On the Internet, I found other testimonials of the genre in comments on the topic.

According to the pharmacist of the Monte Cristo Pharmacy (Rue de Bagnolest, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris) where Marielle B. is provided, this treatment is not very well known but it is a real indication. It is not hard to find, it is his indication that is unknown to doctors and pharmacists, who do not necessarily know that this can be used in the way . If he recognizes that treatment is less expensive and less chemical than the others, he does not recommend it systematically: “When people have tried one or two treatments, it is proposed as a second attempt.” Its an effective grandmothers remedy. »

In Bordeaux, the five pharmacists I interviewed do not know this remedy. Some still have them in their stocks, at a price of about 6 euros. The pharmacy of the Charters, specializing in herbalism, proposed to me in the form of powder to be mixed with butter or lard and to let lay a half an hour (!!) but does not sell a mother tincture.

In Bordeaux always, my favorite herbalist, the Tisanier of OC, entrusted me to receive more and more requests for this treatment without being able to obtain it in the region: “It is not found in my catalog, perhaps they have more on Paris but in Bordeaux it is impossible”. But in Paris, the two herbalists that I contacted did not have the so-called remedy.

So what if this treatment is unavailable in your area? Use a mixture of vegetable oil (type sweet almond oil or coconut oil) and essential oils (of lavender officinale, possibly with a little tea tree). Essential oils must be used in a dilute way in vegetable oil. Count ten drops of diluted essential oil and let it act One Night recommended the OC Tisanier. A solution successfully applied by Agnes S. After testing many of the traditionally recommended chemical solutions. It also adds three drops of thyme essential oil in the shampoo and sometimes rinses with a mixture of white vinegar (50 cl) + Hot Water (50 cl) + 6 drops of rosemary he + 6 drops of lavender he …

The problem is that the critter is tough: “A force, she gets used to lavender” entrusted me with my herbalist … In the meantime, I advise you to wash the sheets and all of your house. “If the sides are not respected, the chances of effectively combating lice are diminished,” recalls the pharmacist of the Rue de Bagnolest … Were not going to get the little beast, but almost!