How to Get Rid of Ear Piercing Infection

How to Get Rid of Ear Piercing Infection – Made by inserting the jewelry through a pierced hole with a needle or a piercing pistol to the ear lobe. This procedure usually does not cause significant health problems, but it can sometimes lead to infections in the first few weeks.

How to Get Rid of Ear Piercing Infection

How can an ear infection for a piercing occur?

The first sign of perforation by ear infections is tenderness, irritation, inflammation, a rash and painful sensations in the perforated area. This part of the ear is red, swollen and warm, with acute and nagging pain, all that when pressed. Blows and the liquid light or yellowish, sometimes with traces of blood, they are also possible. This type of infection may have several causes, but the most dangerous is the use of non-medical and non-sterile drilling equipment or jewelry. If you press puncture or jewelry with hands and impure materials, it can also lead to the development of an infection. Jewelry should not be next to the earlobe with too much force.

Other earlobe infections

Earlobe infection characterized by inflammation of the ear. A common cause of this problem is the infection of the ear skin by staph bacteria. Usually, the ears swell when exposed to severe injuries frequent to the ear lobe. Swelling of the ear can also be caused by a non-sterile instrument used to pierce the ear. The use of nickel or some other metal to measure inappropriate slopes for sensitive skins can also cause an infection in the ear lobe.

Relationship of the infection and the pain of the ear to swallow

With Otalgia ears, more commonly known as ear pain, it is a frequent ailment that can have several different causes. It usually occurs because of major problems or external ear, how different types of illnesses, nervous problems, infections, obstruction or injury. Sometimes an ear infection is known from other parts of the body, too. Ear pain can also occur during sudden changes in air pressure, such as for air travel or during a dive in the water. Where felt pain in the ear when swallowing, it is often accompanied by pressure in the ear when gasping or coughing. The nerves of the ear can be irritated in some way and these nerves are usually connected to the muscles of swallowing. The proboscis is a small channel that connects the middle ear and upper throat that includes the back of the nose. This channel functions as a pressure control valve between the middle ear and the outside air. When gaping or swallowing, develops a little, if a problem with the tube can cause ear aches by swallowing. Mumps is that a contagious disease is caused by a viral infection, and ear pain is a common symptom of this disease. Tonsillitis is another disease that can cause pain by swallowing, which can also feel the ear in half. For those who do not know, the tonsils are small glands at the back of the throat that can infect, causing pain in the throat and the ear canal. A sore throat and heat of laryngitis can also cause ear aches by swallowing. Sinusitis is another medical condition that translates directly into an earache or auditory obstruction.

Potential complications

One of the complications that can occur after the piercing of the ears called Perichondritis. It is an inflammation of the cartilage in the ear lobe. It is characterized by inflammation and pain and requires immediate medical attention. People who suffer from clotting disorders or are prone to staph infections should avoid completely drilling.

Treatment Options and Prevention

The lobe of the ear infection is rarely a serious problem. It is necessary to remove the affected ear loop and to wash the affected area. Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is the preferred choice for the part of the cleaning process. In some cases, antibiotic or antiseptic creams should be used. No matter what has caused, ear infection should be cured in a week or two. Of all the treatments at home, saline solutions give better results. The easiest is done with lukewarm water and sea salt or non-iodized salt in 8:1. Cotton balls soaked in this solution and apply on the area for five minutes, two or three times a day, but never more than four times. Jewelry must be turned with clean hands at least once a day. To reduce pain and engraving, it is useful to rub a bucket of ice on the drilling. If it persists the ear pain should be taken for a doctor.

By piercing ear infections can be avoided by following a few simple steps, how to get to an expert who uses sterile material, keep the hands dirty drilling, loosening the jewelry closing, hole cleaning and jewelry from Salinas solutions and alcohol.