How to Get Rid of a Hickey

How to Get Rid of a Hickey – Hickeys or “Love Bites” or “lollipops” are caused when you are screwing or sucking your skin too vigorously (from our lover or Love). Hickeys tend to form bruises often invisible spots such as cleavage, neck or arm. These bruises are the result of ruptures of the blood vessels under the skin. Over time, due to lack of oxygen, the red blood clot becomes brownish or blue. Having a hickey could be really annoying and can last seven days or more depending on the intensity of the Hickey and the person who received it. It is possible to cover his Hickey with a Band-Aid, make-up or scarf to conceal it, we can also try to make sure that it lasts less long year using the following home remedies …

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

The first: the ice …

Put ice cubes in a small towel and place it on your Hickey. You can also use a bag of ice or frozen peas. Press the ice firmly and gradually around the area touched by the love bites. Keep the ice for ten minutes, then wait 10 minutes and repeat as many times as you can on the first day. (Warning: If the cold is unbearable, immediately remove the ice cubes)

The second : the Heat …

Use this solution to get rid of a hickey that is still there after two days. The blood that has accumulated in your epidermis will gradually disperse. Heating the area of the love bite will improve the blood flow to allow to get rid of the Hickey. Soak a small towel in hot water and put it on the suction marks area for fifteen minutes.

Attention! Do not use this treatment for a hickey older than 2 days, because improving blood circulation would make your Hickey more substantial.

How to remove love bites quickly with a toothbrush

Here is another way to improve the blood flow around the hickeys and make the stain easier for your skin to get rid of your Hickey quickly. Use a hard-bristled toothbrush and brush the Hickey energetically, but not too much, to avoid finding yourself with abrasions and inflammation of the skin. After performing this treatment for 5 minutes on the Hickey, apply a cold towel compress for ten minutes.

Soothe a hickey quickly with lipstick

Place a tube of lipstick directly on the surface of your Hickey. Press firmly without too much pressure and turn the cap so that your epidermis will sink. Keep in this position for a few moments and let it sit. Reproduce this treatment to eliminate hickeys several times for better results.

Remove the marks of a Hickey with toothpaste or peppermint

Put a layer of peppermint oil or toothpaste (mint) on the traces of your Hickey. As soon as the peppermint-induced tickle is finished, remove the toothpaste with a small hot, damp towel.

Attention! It is possible to reproduce this technique, but not too often as it could lead to skin irritation.

Remove a hickey with a coin

Pull the skin on both sides of the Hickey with your fingers and stretch it well flat. Use the edge of the coin to scrape the Hickey (quite intensely, be careful not to injure yourself), to break the coagulated blood layer and make it less thick and less difficult to heal. Rubbed love bites will become reddish, but this will disappear and probably with your Hickey!

How to remove love bites with a massage?

Place a small hot towel on the Hickey. As soon as the area is heated, make use of your fingers to massage the area firmly. Massage into circular movements from the inside to the outside, to break the blood clot. Place your fingers in the center of the Hickey and press. Gradually pull the tip of your fingers towards the outer edges. Replicate this treatment several times in the day to remove your Hickey quickly.

How to remove the marks of a Hickey with alcohol?

If only a few hours have elapsed since you received your love bites, a massage with alcohol is probably the best treatment you need. Put a little alcohol on and around the Hickey with a cotton ball. Massage gently for a few minutes. This will reduce any irritation. The alcohol massage can dry your skin, so use a little moisturizing cream as soon as youre done. Perform this several times a day for two days.

Remove lollipop with a banana peel

Banana skins offer soothing and refreshing abilities that will reduce your hickey quickly. Cut the skin of a ripe banana with the dimensions of your Love bites. Place the inside of the banana peel on the Hickey for twenty minutes. You have to do this, no less than four times in the day.

Lollipop and cocoa butter

Cocoa butter can be an excellent skin moisturizing cream. The dry skin will flake and gradually recover while a well-hydrated skin will have a better regeneration potential.