Among the food options or sweeteners with calories, honey is the most affordable and healthy choice. A tablespoon of bee honey is about 46 kcal, while 1 tablespoon full of white sugar is 93 kcal and brown sugar is 73 kcal.

To consume honey without putting on weight, it is important to use it in small amounts and only 1 to 2 times a day. Because it is a healthy food, many times more honey is added than recommended to sweeten some juice or vitamin, for example, which causes the person to put on weight instead of reducing the calories of the diet and helping to lose weight.


Because honey is fattening less than sugar

How to Consume Honey Without Getting Fat
How to Consume Honey Without Getting Fat

Honey is less fattening than sugar because it has fewer calories and has a moderate glycemic index, causing less blood sugar to rise after consumption, which delays the onset of hunger and does not cause the body to produce fat.

This is because in the composition of honey there is a carbohydrate called palatinose, which is responsible for the lowest glycemic index of honey. In addition, honey has several nutrients and bioactive compounds, such as thiamine, iron, calcium, and potassium, which improve health and give this food antioxidant and expectorant properties.

Recommended amount not to put on weight

So that the use of honey does not lead to weight gain, you should consume only about 2 tablespoons of honey per day, which can be added in juices, vitamins, cookies, cakes, and other culinary preparations.

It is important to remember that industrialized honey sold in supermarkets may not be pure honey. Therefore, when buying honey, look for real bee honey and, if possible, from organic cultivation.