How to Clean Lungs from Smoking Damage

How to Clean Lungs from Smoking Damage –ย One of the greatest health benefits when quitting smoking and recovering the lung capacity that former smokers have seen sacrificed due to tar and other harmful chemicals that cigarettes contain. While the lungs clean naturally, there are certain strategies that an ex-smoker can use to accelerate the process, including the consumption of certain foods. However, in the end, the best way to make sure your lungs are clean after smoking is to follow a smoke-free lifestyle and do not fall back into this addiction.

How to Clean Lungs from Smoking Damage



1. Eat garlic.

One of the best foods to consume when you are trying to clean up your lungs after smoking is the raw garlic. This food can help eliminate excessive mucus spewing in the breast cavities that usually accumulate in the people who smoke.
Your allicin content becomes quite favorable for this task. Moreover, it is a powerful natural antibiotic that will help maintain its high defenses, benefiting its overall health. If you dont know what techniques to use to consume this food without cooking, in our article How to eat raw garlic we give you some advice.

2. Avoid other irritating substances present in the air as far as possible.

This can include air filters, cleaning chemicals and pollen. Remember that after exposure to prolonged tobacco, your lungs have suffered enough, so it is best to breathe an air as clean as possible and, in case you have to expose yourself to annoying substances, do so as far as possible with a mask.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is full of benefits to our health thanks to its high antioxidant content, which help to control the production of free radicals responsible for diseases such as cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to consume three daily cups of green tea, as its contents of Catechin, a powerful antioxidant, will also help to clean the mucus spewing accumulated by a cigarette.


4. Consume many fruits and vegetables

It is essential that after following a life as a smoker, incorporate healthy habits in your routine to clean your lungs. Consume many fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants that will help you improve your health and clean your lungs.


5. Practice activities

It is also advisable to practice activities such as yoga and Pilates because both are breath-based as a key element to achieve the positions and achieve maximum relaxation. They are ideal activities to learn how to breathe properly and improve not only our overall health but also the health of our lungs.


6. The Body Naturally Cleanses

The body naturally cleanses, cleans up from tobacco-generated toxins. Most people feel the return of their old pulmonary fortress within a couple of weeks. However, following these recommendations will help you increase welfare and improve the state of your lungs remarkable.

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