How to Clean a Pumice Stone

An essential to all bathrooms is a pumice stone! But what number of have you seen in peoples lavatories and them appearance nasty the pores get blocked up and seems like it could do with throwing away!.

I assume the general public chuck out their pumice stones before they want to probably because they do not know how to easy a pumice stone in the first place!

How to Clean a Pumice Stone

It clearly is very clean and may be done in just a few mins.

I take advantage of a Cuccio earth lava pumice stone which I love and I purchased mine on Amazon as I locate they have got the high-quality fee.

I usually replace it each 6-nine months simply because Im a hygiene freak but to be honest they can last a lot longer!.

Especially if you smooth it!.

How to clean a pumice stone … follow these clean steps

1: grasp those gadgets

1 x old toothbrush
Washing up liquid or frame wash
Latex gloves (elective)
Milton tablet for anti bacterial cleaning (optionally available)


I in my opinion continually placed a pair or latex disposable gloves on too however completely non-obligatory here!.

Hold the pumice underneath heat water for 10-15 seconds simply to melt the pumice bar,

Practice 2-3 drops of washing up liquid or body wash onto the pumice then clutch the toothbrush and start gently scrubbing the pumice in round actions.

Maintain the pumice underneath going for walks warm water while you do that.

The pumice will begin lathering up and you may right away see the discoloration disappearing and the pumice searching spanking clean just like new!.

Its miles that simple.

Do not scrub the pumice too difficult as you could reason the pores within the pumice stone to break up and crack. You do not need sharp or jagged edges which you could hurt your self on while you next use it.

For an alternative cleansing option for you, a pumice stone is to soak it in a warm bowl of water for 10 minutes and upload a Milton tablet that are sterilizing capsules and soak.

That is how I would clean a pumice stone if you or a family member had a bacterial or fungal infection or plantar wart.

So right here you have the 2 powerful approaches the way to clean a pumice stone in mind,

No more excuses to have grimy look pumice stones in your toilets guys!

How I therapy my dry toes

I latterly determined the following video which I discovered clearly useful for a curing dry feet. It from iris vlogging who has a youtube channel which you can view here

In case you ft are in determined want to be freshened up earlier than a night time out try this superb short remedy to therapy dry toes.

It speedy rehydrates and moisturizes the skin super properly.

What youre going to want:

  1. Soap & water
  2. Foot exfoliating scrub / or body scrub
  3. Pedi stone/brush document
  4. Undeniable yogurt
  5. Plastic wrap
  6. Socks
  • Wash your feet with soap and water.
  • Grasp a pedi stone/brush record and with the brush first scrub the heels to the toes.
  • With the pumice stone lightly file the feet in a circular movement
  • Rinse
  • With the emery file scrub cross over the feet and heels
  • Use the exfoliating scrub and wash the ft and any unfastened skin away.
  • Rinse and dry the toes nicely with a towel.
  • Take hold of the yogurt and cover the soles of the feet.
  • Wrap the feet using plastic meals wrap.
  • Put on a couple of socks
  • Leave for minimal 15 mins ideally 20-1hour for maximum consequences.

I am hoping you have determined this records useful and your pumice stone goes to take delivery of a new leash of existence