How to Avoid White Hair

White hair, also known as a cannula, results from capillary aging, which is enhanced by external factors, such as excessive exposure to the sun, poor diet, use of cigarettes, excessive alcohol intake, and exposure to air pollution, which are factors that can be avoided. However, the internal factors associated with advancing age also contribute to the change in the color of the hair, but they are factors considered natural, which cannot be avoided.

Generally, white hair begins to appear at around 30 years of age, when the depigmentation of the strands begins to occur, which become white, due to the progressive loss of the activity of melanocytes, which are cells that produce melanin, a pigment that gives the hair its natural color. However, autoimmune diseases such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia, as well as hereditary factors, can lead to the appearance of gray hair at an earlier age.

There are still no studies that prove that gray hair can be avoided entirely, however, it is believed that some tips can help.

How to Avoid White Hair
How to Avoid White Hair

Ways to slow down white hair

Some tips that can help delay the appearance of gray hair, include:

  • Relax and avoid very stressful environments or situations, because chronic stress contributes to premature aging of hair;
  • Protect hair from the sun, because UV rays increase oxidative stress;
  • Avoid using cigarettes, as smoking accelerates the aging process;
  • Increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin B12, such as salmon, chicken, turkey, milk, cheese, eggs, oysters, and liver because they improve the irrigation of the hair bulb.

These measures can help to delay the appearance of gray hair, because they reduce oxidative stress, which is one of the factors responsible for the appearance of gray hair, since the formation of free radicals interacts with tyrosine, which is necessary to produce melanin, destabilizing -a, which leads to decreased activity.

These strategies only delay the appearance of gray hair, do not prevent them from appearing, as the appearance of gray hair happens naturally with advancing age and there is still no solution that fully solves the problem.

Strategies to cover gray hair

Dyeing hair or making locks are ways to cover white hair, but they are not considered definitive measures either. Henna Surya dye is also a good option, as this natural product changes the color of the hair without changing the structure of the strands.