how often should you put coconut oil in your hair

Learn how to use coconut oil for hair and find out why it is the best product in the world!

Coconut oil has become an obsession among women with regard to health and beauty.¬†That’s because it has countless benefits for the body, skin and for something we love here: hair!¬†Want to learn how to use coconut oil for hair?¬†We will teach you how and still tell all the wonders he can do for your locks, so don’t let it go!


What is coconut oil in hair?

Before talking about using coconut oil on your hair, let’s understand a little more about its composition and its health benefits, which drew attention to the care with locks.

Coconut oil is vegetable oil, composed of fats formed by medium-chain triglycerides. These components are metabolized by the liver more easily and transformed into energy. Unlike other fats that are converted to trans fats, they are not recommended for the human body. It is for this reason that the use of coconut oil for consumption became popular in search of a healthier life. However, the usefulness of this powerful oil did not stop there, and it became a passion for those who love skin and hair care.

To get even more inside the grandeur of coconut oil, see also its main properties:

-Vitamin K
-Vitamin E
-Fatty acids
-Iron -Saturated
, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

What is coconut oil used for in locks?

Check here a list of the¬†incredible benefits of coconut oil¬†when applied to the hair.¬†It is so much good that there is no way not to fall in love with this oil, we are sure that it will be part of your day today! So let’s check out the reasons why you should bet on this component now!

-When applied on the scalp, in conjunction with massages in a circular motion, it can stimulate blood circulation and, consequently, the growth of the threads.

-Treat the health of hair leather, due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. That is, it soothes excess oiliness, dandruff, among other dysfunctions in this region.

-Combats opacity and breakage of the wires thanks to the deep hydration it provides.

-Reduces cases of split ends and frizz.

-Protects wires from damage caused by sun, pollution, sun, chlorine, heat tools (flat iron, dryer, etc.) and others.

-Avoids hair loss.

-Strengthens the wires.

-The project against loss of protein from hair fiber.

-Retains moisture in the hair, leaving it moist and hydrated for longer.

-It has a high conditioning factor.

-Tones the locks.

-Protects against lice.

-Delays hair aging and baldness.

-It provides protection from the sun’s rays.

-Maintains the color of the colored threads for longer.

-Works as a pre-shampoo, protecting dry hair from the astringent action of ordinary shampoo.

-Seals the hair cuticles.

-It is highly nourishing for the hair.

See the types of hair that can use coconut oil

Coconut oil is indicated mainly for curly and curly hair. Because they need an extra dose of hydration and nutrition in their locks that are more sensitive. This is because these wires end up being drier than the straight and wavy ones, due to the difficulty of the natural scalp oil going down the wire with spiral or Z-shaped curvature. However, it should be noted that coconut oil can and should be used by absolutely all types of hair. This is because all types of hair can suffer from dryness, opacity, frizz or split ends and, as we have already seen, coconut oil can help in all of this.

How to apply coconut oil on hair

For curly and curly hair, for example, it is best to apply coconut oil directly to the hair and in abundance during the capillary wetting procedure. This will give the hair powerful nutrition, ideal for these types of curvature. In the case of straight and wavy hair, as they are naturally more oily, it is not indicated that the oil is applied directly to the hair. For these, the best option is to opt for products such as hydration mask, shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins with coconut oil in the composition. In the case of very dry straight or wavy wires, the oil can even be used neat, however, in less quantity and only at the ends.

Ways to use coconut oil

Coconut oil is so incredible that it allows a multitude of different uses in our hair. That is, in addition to having a powerful effect on the wires, it is still mega versatile and multipurpose. It seems like a lot of things that you can do with coconut oil, but it’s not a lie! So take a look at the endless possibilities of using coconut oil and, of course, how to use it in each case.

Step by step how to apply coconut oil on hair

How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair
How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair

Wetting with coconut oil

This treatment is preferred for curly and curly, as it is extremely nutritious.¬†Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Apply a good amount of coconut oil to dirty and dry hair, lock by lock.

Step 2: After leaving the hair well moistened with oil, only in the region of the length and tips, gently massage the locks, gloving them, and the scalp with the fingertips.

Step 3: pin the hair in a bun and put on a cap if you feel better.

Step 4: leave on for at least 40 minutes. However, the longer you leave the oil in your hair, the more the hair fiber will absorb this treatment.

Step 5: After the pause time, rinse with plenty of water, clean with your favorite shampoo and finish with the conditioner.

Note: if you want, you can also opt for a night moisturizing. To do this, just go to bed with the oil on the wires and clean with water, shampoo and conditioner in the morning.

Hair mask with coconut oil

One of the most popular ways of using coconut oil is by investing in hair masks that contain the active ingredient in its composition or adding the oil manually in a common hydration mask. To do this, put two tablespoons (soup) of a moisturizing mask and one spoon (soup) of coconut oil in a container and mix well. Apply to hair that is still dirty and dry, strand by strand, gloving well. Wait for about 30 minutes and remove it with plenty of water. Then just wash with shampoo and finish with the conditioner.

Homemade hydration with coconut oil

How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair
How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair

How about a coconut oil moisturizing recipe with another homemade active that will leave your hair shiny !? In addition to easy, the recipe only needs two ingredients! First of all, wash your hair with shampoo, rinse and remove excess water with a towel or cotton fabric, preferably. After that, mix a teaspoon of coconut oil together with a spoon (soup) of honey in a bowl and stir well. Apply the mixture to the hair strand by strand and wait 40 minutes. After the pause time, rinse with plenty of water, wash again with shampoo and finish with a conditioner.

Coconut conditioner

Coconut oil also serves as a natural conditioner, so it’s nice to use it this way every now and then.¬†However, it does not replace the use of a common conditioner, ok !?¬†Alternating the use of the two from time to time is enough.¬†To use coconut oil as a conditioner, there is no secret.¬†Just sanitize the locks with your usual shampoo, rinse and finish with coconut oil.¬†Apply it after rinsing the shampoo and use a comb to spread the length and ends, however, do not apply to the root, if your hair is more oily.¬†After that, wait for a minute or two and rinse again.

Oil unpacking coconut

This precious oil can also be used after washing to untangle the threads. Apply a small amount of it to wet hair and untangle it with a wide-toothed comb. In addition to making the strands more malleable, they will also be soft, nourished and shiny.

Finishing with coconut oil

There will be coconut oil at the finish, yes! Yeah! You can also use this magic oil when finishing your locks. Simply apply to clean, dry threads as a tip repairer to leave them sealed and nourished. In addition, coconut oil, when cooled, can change shape, becoming thick as a cream or ointment. That way you can use it to finish, style or fix hairstyles. In addition to leaving everything in place, coconut oil will treat hair at the same time.

How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair
How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair

Coconut Pre-Shampoo

Some shampoos have an astringent action that removes much of the natural oil from the hair during washing. This oil is essential for the wires, especially for those with curly or curly wires, so it is legal for those with curved wires to always opt for released shampoos, such as the #todecacho line. However, when shampoo is common there is a way to protect the hair from this action, using a pre-shampoo. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is a great pre-shampoo, so just oil it on your hair, which is still dry and dirty, 20 minutes before bathing, and it will form a protective layer on the hair. Then just wash with shampoo and conditioner, as usual.

Thermal and sunscreen with coconut oil

Coconut oil also protects the wires from sunlight, as well as from damage caused by heat tools such as a hairdryer and a surfboard. To use it in this way, you only need to apply a few drops of coconut oil to the still wet hair after the shower. Then just go out on the street, invest in the dryer or whatever you prefer.

How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair
How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair

Know the ideal frequency of use for each type of hair

Each type of yarn requires different care, therefore, even the application of coconut oil varies from one to another, as we have already seen. The same goes for the frequency of use, which is different between hair types. Check below how often you should apply coconut oil to your locks.


Since wavy hair is more oily than curly and curly, for example, it requires much more hydration than nutrition. Therefore, applying coconut oil once every 10 days is enough. If you feel you need to apply more or less often, you can change the frequency, just try to understand how your hair reacts.


Curly hair should be nourished at least once a week. Therefore, applying coconut oil at this frequency will make your hair look healthy, beautiful and most importantly: with the replacement of nutrients in a day.


Since curly hair is even drier than curly hair, coconut oil needs to be incorporated into the care about twice a week. It does not have to be precisely in wetting, you can choose one of the several uses that we indicated earlier.

Very creepy

Very curly hair is very close to curly hair. However, the tendency is for it to be even drier than curly hair. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the same number of weekly applications that curly hair requires. But, if you find it necessary, increase the frequency until you feel your hair is always silky, shiny and healthy.


How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair

As curly and frizzy hair is more prone to dryness – since the oiliness of the scalp has difficulty reaching the ends – capillary wetting is more common among the owners of these types of hair. However, it also has benefits for other textures and can be done by all of them, including oily ones.

But, as each one has its own peculiarities and different needs, the ideal frequency to bet on the technique ends up varying – and the secret to defining which is the best option for your case is to observe how the hair behaves with wetting! If the locks are very dry, for example, you can bet on the technique once a week and even use the oil before each wash to make pre-poo – as it is explained in detail in this matter here. Now, for those who have oily threads and feel that they become heavier after the oil bath, the idea is to moisten only every 15 days.