Kombucha. Have you heard? This effervescent drink has been winning over the nature group for its many health benefits. It helps to detoxify the body, generates satiety and extra energy for everyday life, and even relieves symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMS), just to name a few promises.
How Often Should You Drink Kombucha
How Often Should You Drink Kombucha

Made from the fermentation of tea, Kombucha belongs to the family of Kefir, another probiotic that has gained fans in recent times. It has a specific method of preparation, which consists of “feeding” a set of microorganisms that form a colony and, in the end, produce a drink so nutritious that it became known as the “elixir of health”.

“Fermentation is made from the infusion of a tea, usually green tea or black tea, with some source of glucose, which can be sugar or fruit. Any fruit can be used, according to the person’s taste. I have already tasted one made with green tea, ginger, and honey, which was delicious ”, comments nutritionist Pâmela Terra, from São Paulo.


This fermentation, she says, generates oxygen production. “The drink is slightly fizzy as if it were a natural soda”. Whoever tastes it guarantees that the taste resembles a sparkling wine. Therefore, the ideal is to drink it cold.

“As it has this probiotic function, it improves the functioning of the intestine and, as a consequence, immunity. As it is acidic, it has antibiotic action, as a natural anti-inflammatory. And as bowel improves, the production of serotonin increases, reducing chances of depression, reducing migraine, bingeing, ”says Pâmela.

There are practically no contraindications. “But because of the caffeine present in tea, it is not usually indicated for those who have a serious problem with hypertension, pregnant women and lactating women. Children from 4, 5 years old can already take in very small doses ”, says nutritionist Camila Gomes.

It’s not worth exaggerating! “You can’t use probiotics, like kefir and kombucha, left and right. Each has a right way of taking. There are people with allergies to green tea, for example, ”says Pâmela.

Although millennial, the consumption of kombucha in Brazil is something new. “In the United States and Europe, it is traditional, people drink every day. There are in restaurants ”, observes Camila.

She suggests ingesting the kombucha in two ways: “You can use it in a detox process, taking 500 ml once a week, to cleanse the body. And then, for maintenance, it is worth drinking small doses of 100 ml daily. And it can alternate with kefir since they are different bacteria ”.

The best times to enjoy this drink are in the morning, on waking, fasting, or before going to sleep. “If you take it at night, the ideal is not to eat anything afterward to let the probiotics act in the body”, says Camila.

For those who think they will not master the preparation technique, the kombucha can already be found ready in the organic markets of large cities.

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Find out what happens if you drink Kombucha every day

Find out what happens if you drink Kombucha every day. Kombucha is a drink that can be considered a home remedy, an “elixir of health”. Kombucha is an effervescent drink that generates several benefits for the body. There are several people who do not do without drinking this drink daily.

Regular consumption of kombucha allows the body to obtain several benefits. For example, this drink makes it possible to contribute to the detoxification of the body. It also helps to lose weight because, in addition to eliminating toxins, it is a diuretic drink that generates a feeling of satiety, thus avoiding the consumption of excessive calories.

It also gives the body an energizing effect that proves to be precious. But this only serves to lift the tip of the veil. There are many more secrets hidden in this fantastic drink … Do you want to know more?