How Much Breastmilk does a Newborn Need

What is the amount of milk required throughout the first year of life to satisfy the babys nutritional needs adequately?

How Much Breastmilk does a Newborn Need

How much milk should I give my baby?

The amount of milk that the baby needs varies according to age, weight, the level of activity and general health status, factors affecting their energy and hydration needs.

Until the age of 6, if the baby is breastfed, he must suckle when and in the quantity he wishes. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends breastfeeding in free time once the baby asks for food according to its energy needs.

If the baby is fed with formula milk, the quantity and the preparation mode indicated on the packaging should be strictly respected unless the medical indication is otherwise indicated.

Do you know how much milk your baby needs?

From 0 to 6 months

For example, and up to 6 months of age, before food diversification begins, the calculation of the daily need for milk can be carried out by applying the formula: 150 ml times the weight of the baby in kg.

The 150 ml refers to the total daily water quantity, so the quantity of milk to be given on each breast is obtained by dividing this value by the number of Tomas the baby does throughout the day.

Example of a 7 kg baby: Daily milk Need: 1050 ml (150 ml x 7)
If you do 5 per day, the quantity of milk per meal will be approximately 210 ml (1050 ml/5)

From the 6-month-old

As of the 6 months, a new step is initiated in the development of the baby with the progressive introduction of new foods in your diet.

Food diversification and new culinary presets such as broth, mashed vegetables or soup introduces other sources of hydration and energy but does not substitute the role of milk in a nutritionally balanced diet.

At this stage, the child needs to ingest approximately 500 ml milk or derivatives daily. For being a complete food and high nutritional density (rich in calcium, potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, vitamins, and proteins), milk offers many of the essential nutrients and calories to grow.

In the case of doubt about the quantity of milk your baby should drink or if you think it is not being well fed, always consult your physician assistant.