How Many Push Ups should I be able to do at Age 15

Probably have some idea of how you are. But knowing that the details can help to establish realistic goals, their progress and maintain their motivation. Once you know the starting point, you can plan where you want to go.

How Many Push Ups should I be able to do at Age 15

A good place to start is to evaluate your fitness level. Once you know that you can see things that can improve your fitness regimen, or simply where it should begin with a new fitness program.

To find your level of fitness, must examine their capacity to carry out in three key areas of fitness: strength, muscular endurance and strength.

Depends on your fitness level, the amount of muscle mass you have, and how physically strong you are, you started working out to 14 years, 15 could do 50 push-ups to 4 sets, until my arms began to ache, I worked my way but in the beginning I got about 20 before tiring, to 15 years, if youre a reasonably strong, healthy man, which should reach around 15 the 8:00 pm a tiring game, that would lower the average amount to a disability are already more and untrained bordering adjusted fit/strong, I think once you start receiving the mark of 50 in 1 set entered the territory physically strong, I can handle 80 knuckles push-ups in a single set, now Im in my 20 years, and I still say its a good deal IMO.