How Long does a Sprained Ankle take to Heal?

How Long does a Sprained Ankle take to Heal – Unfortunately, any injury that affects any part of the leg takes a while to heal (as it is very difficult to keep your legs immobile without being bed-laid). However, if it is just a sprain, I would say a week and a half to 2 continuous weeks of restricted activity and you will be able to return for some training of Tae Kwan-esque light. but you need to stay out of it for a while or use crutches that can still walk on it without pain. If you wear your ankle too much it will take longer to heal.

How Long does a Sprained Ankle take to Heal


To speed up the healing process, I would recommend confecting your ankle for the first couple of days until the swelling goes down. This will also take care of some of the pain. If you agree to take medication (although I avoid it, unless necessary) have some form of ibuprofen to numb the pain and reduce any inflammation. Once it starts to feel a little more nimble, make some stretches of light mobility with it (alternating your foot and down, side by side, etc etc). This will help get the blood flowing back to the area to aid in your recovery process. Do not rush recovery, give it as many times as it needs.

I would recommend not wrapping it. Involvement restricts the flow of blood and will slow down your healing time. Just take it easy for a bit and do not rush back on anything. If you are a fan of supplements, try taking some glutamine. It boosts your bodys ability to recover from muscle injuries in case you pulled some muscles there as well. Take plenty of vitamin C and calcium as well. Youre hurt, and it happens to the best of us. Do not let it knock you down or depress you. Belts are not all in martial arts, and there will be many other opportunities.