How Long Can You Wear a Tampon
How long can you wear a tampon – You have to change your tampon from time to time to avoid infections.
First, a tampon is used instead of sanitary towels during the period. Placed inside your vital reproduction organ , the tampon safely absorbs the blood of the rules, allowing you to move without difficulty throughout the day and stay cool!
How Long Can You Wear a Tampon
a Tampon
Unlike sanitary towels, tampons are very practical: no one sees anything, and one can wear the clothes that one wants in all discretion, go to the pool, do sports like every other day. Everything is possible with a tampon!


Knowing its discreet, its hard to know how long it takes to keep it! It all depends on the intensity of your flow. In the first few days, consider changing the buffer every 4 to 6 hours. When the rules become more minimal, a buffer with a lower absorption capacity is sufficient. It can be worn for 6 to 8 hours. But every woman is peculiar and has her mode of operation and her flow.


There is a very simple way to check whether or not you need to change the buffer. Just pull lightly on the cord of the pad. If the pad goes down when you pull it, you have to change it. If it stays in place, it is that it is too early but does not wait more than 8 hours after putting it to change it. With time, you will learn to determine the right frequency to change the buffer.


So, change buffer depending on the importance of your feed!