How Long do Babies Wear Diapers

How Long Babies Wear Diapers – During your first pregnancy, you would like to know how many layers are used per day for a baby? This question is quite normal, even more so when it is a first child. To help you magicmamans respond to future moms!
It is practical information that all future moms “for the first time” would like to know: indeed, it is useful to forecast the budget “after baby”, it is indispensable to organize the stock on the return of the maternity. Excerpts from the Magicmaman forums.

How Long Babies Wear Diapers

Anais: How many diapers are used per day for a baby? Its a silly question but its my first …

Chloe: It all depends if you breastfeed or not
A breastfeeding baby poops practically at every feeding, about every 3 hours. I think a baby with a bottle is less often. For the pee, this may be a little more space, especially as the modern layers absorb really well and keep the skin dry.

Agnes: For breastfed children, it depends
My daughter, when she was breastfed at 100%, was only one saddle a day (sometimes not for several days, without any pain); According to the pediatrician, some breastfed children use everything and therefore have little or no waste.

Coralie: At the maternity, I was recommended …
To change my baby 6 to 8 times a day. I was changing it before every bottle. My baby is now 4 months and a half and I change it 6 to 7 times a day (before his 4 bottles and when he made a saddle) and no problem of irritated buttocks so far.

Anais: And I foresee how many packets for the return of motherhood? Louise: 2 packets of layers, this is a good start.
Then about the size, you can take 2/5 kg. You have to go see the supermarkets that regularly do promos, to have interesting prices: of the type, 2 packages bought, the 3rd offered, or 1 jumbo bought (big carton) the 2nd half price.

A tip: Ill look at it first if your baby supports the layers you bought
Personally, before buying x packages, I would watch if the baby supports them (you never know). Then, depending on your tastes, and the way in which this or that diaper goes to the baby, you can always take advantage of the promos: there are regularly in supermarkets, whatever the brands.

Anais: Who has ideas to buy the cheapest diapers? Emma: Quantities of coupons
Dont worry too much: from the Mater you will have quantities of coupons on all kinds of baby products, especially for diapers. You can register on the sites of the main brands of layers, they will send you quickly and frequently. Super and hypermarkets also often make promos even on the internet.

Laurence: About the promos:
If you find them in promos, take it in advance: A package size 2-5 kgs and another kind 3-6 kgs; Then you will have the opportunity to fetch or otherwise take in full size 3-6 kgs, look at what the Midwife or gynecologist tells you (for me, she had calculated the weight and the gram near it had just fallen); If it is already more than three kilos, it is not worth taking a lot of packages 2-5 kgs.