Garlic is very good for the health of the body, including the hair. Cheap and efficient, it promotes the growth of tresses, bringing incredible results. And it was betting on its benefits that numerous cosmetic companies developed the garlic tonic. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that increase hair resistance and improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Garlic Tonic: Discover the Benefits of This Product for Your Hair
Garlic Tonic: Discover the Benefits of This Product for Your Hair

Thus, the ingredient is basically responsible for intensifying hair treatments. Even more when combined with substances that purify the follicles, preventing their closure. Do you know little about the effect of garlic tonic on hair? So, learn more about the subject and get really strong and healthy hair with the application of this product!

What is the garlic tonic for

Firstly, the functions of a garlic tonic purchased ready-made are not always the same as the one prepared in a homemade way.¬†That’s because its ingredients vary a lot, thus bringing different benefits.¬†However, considering the composition of most products available on the market, we highlight the following features ‚Äď provided they are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Acts as an excellent anti-dandruff
  • Reduces the fall of wires
  • Decreases oiliness
  • It has an astringent and fungicidal effect
  • Strengthens the hair

It is important to remember that, like other cosmetics, garlic tonic is a complementary treatment.¬†Therefore, good results depend not only on its correct application, but also on daily care for the body.¬†Because it’s no use investing in an accelerated growth of the highlights, but neglecting aspects such as food, for example.

Garlic Tonic: How to use

  1. Make a touch test before application, thus avoiding allergic reactions;
  2. Apply the product on the entire scalp;
  3. Massage in a circular motion, pressing with your fingertips;
  4. Let the garlic tonic work for about two to three hours;
  5. Remove normally with usual products;
  6. Finish with a conditioner of your choice.

In case of doubts about the quantity of product to be used, consult the recommendations on its packaging.¬†Furthermore, avoid passing the garlic tonic along the length of the hair, because the procedure can dry out the tresses.¬†Therefore, it is recommended that the treatment be carried out three times a week, with a one-month break.¬†This way, the hair doesn’t get used to the substances and the product doesn’t stop working either.

Garlic Tonic: Reviews

The protagonist of numerous treatments to accelerate hair growth, garlic tonic is well known among beauty bloggers and YouTubers. With a packaging that yields multiple applications, it is not enough to use it for just five minutes but to correctly follow its recommendations. Considering this, learn a little more about its benefits and ways of acting on hair.

Common questions

Now that you know what garlic tonic is and what its main functions are, we will answer the most common questions for those who intend to start using it.¬†This is because information like this is not available on the product’s packaging, but was achieved through numerous tests among women in love with their hair.¬†Check it out below!

1. Does garlic tonic stink?

Despite current deodorized formulas, the smell can be strange on the first application, but nothing you can’t get used to.¬†However, if the inconvenience is too great, add some cloves to the product bottle.

2. Does it take off the progressive?

No, he doesn’t have that power.¬†Garlic tonic is just for the new hair to grow stronger and healthier.¬†One of the ways to remove the progressive would be with the Big Chop method, which cuts all the smooth part of the locks.

3. Does garlic tonic dry out the hair?

According to the manufacturer, the product is recommended only for the root and scalp. This is because the large amount of alcohol and garlic extract present in its composition is capable of drying out the hair.

4. What is the price of a bottle?

Values ‚Äč‚Äčare quite varied, appearing between 4 and 12 reais depending on the size of the bottle.¬†The smallest yield about three applications, while the largest reach nine.

5. Where is it available for sale?

Easy to find, garlic tonic is a more common product than we think. Being available in perfumeries, pharmacies, supermarkets, cosmetics stores, as well as online stores.

With affordable prices, the product brings very positive results, helping not only in growth, but also in combating other hair problems. In any case, for it to fulfill what it promises, attention to the mode of use, frequency of applications and treatment time is necessary.