Foods That Can Seriously Damage Vision

Foods That Can Seriously Damage Vision – Vision is extremely important to human life, and so we must deeply avoid those foods that can damage vision. Check out some of these foods, and protect your eyesight.

Foods That Can Seriously Damage Vision


How to know which foods can damage vision?

Foods can be very helpful to our health, but on the other hand, there are some that end up spoiling some body organs if consumed in excess.

In the case of the eye, you need to be extra careful, since the eyeball is very sensitive, and you may even be blind if you do not take care of it properly.


1- Avoid vegetable oils and margarine, as they are bad for vision.

Margarine and vegetable oils can affect the health of the whole body. Although we think they are natural, these products can harm this region of the body, because, in its production, there are several chemical processes.

They are high in polyunsaturated fats, these fats are capable of causing veins to become clogged. Because it contains easy oxidation, it can lead to inflammations in the tissues.


2- Stay away from sugar, diabetes, can make your vision weak.

There are diseases like diabetes, which can have a genetic origin, so if you exaggerate in sugar, you will have diabetes. Diabetes can end up affecting the digestive system because it acts directly on the pancreas.

And in some situations, if you do not take care, it can spread through the body. The eyes are the ones on the list. You may end up getting retinopathy, which can cause the person to lose sight.


3- Drinks that have alcohol, also make bad for the vision.

If you overdo it, you may end up being visually impaired. At first, you lose the contrasts. You notice that you have low vision problem when you go through clarity transition.

The drink impairs the eye muscles, leading to the blindness of the eye, so if you have a history of alcohol addiction, you should get treatment.

If you do not use corrective lenses, the vision is getting blurry. The areas of peripheral vision are also damaged, the light has difficulty getting into the inner part of the eye.



The food can do well or can damage eyesight, so it is worth remembering that if you have a history of diabetes, you should stay away from foods mentioned above.

You should cherish your health forever, foods like margarine can be harmful to anyone, drinks that have alcohol as well.

If in doubt, always ask for the opinion of a medical specialist and even a nutritionist. Avoid foods that may impair your medical condition.

Depending on your situation, certain foods may end up leading to a hospital stay, it is important that you check if certain foods will be good for you at this stage of life.

If you choose what you eat, you avoid many lifelong disorders, and remember health always begins by mouth, you should make your food, your best ally, and stay healthy a good time.