Dont Eat Raw Cookie Dough, It Risk !

Dont Eat Raw Cookie Dough – North American health organizations are categorical: No one should eat cookie dough or raw cake mixture. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada, this practice has many risks of stocking and bacterial contamination.

Dont Eat Raw Cookie

Two reasons mainly explain the risks surrounding the consumption of uncooked cookie dough. First, the first risk concerns the consumption of raw eggs. Although the latter are usually clean (from the spawning, up to the store sale) and despite the national food quality controls, some “cocos” may contain bacteria. The greatest risk concerns salmonella contamination. Fortunately, as with chicken, egg cooking eliminates the risk of poisoning. At the opposite however, the consumption of raw cookie dough is risky.

Then the second risk concerns the flour. Recently, more than 10 million kilos of flour produced by General Mills (including the gold medal, signature kitchen and gold medal Wondra) were recalled because of potential contamination with E. coli bacteria. This is not the first (or last) episode of the genre. Even the irradiation of the flour does not systematically prevent the presence of certain bacteria in stocks sold in stores. Again, if the health risks are relatively small, eating raw flour is still a health risk. In the United States, 42 people have been inconvenienced in the last few months.

Conclusion: You should not “lick” the drummers or any other cooking instrument that has touched a mixture (uncooked) including flour and/or eggs!