Does Protein Powder Go Bad

Expired healthy protein powder: Do you scoop or toss?

Does Protein Powder Go Bad
Does Protein Powder Go Bad


Healthy protein powders do not ruin the means meat or dairy products do since a dry atmosphere makes it virtually impossible for microbes to expand, claims Bob Roberts, Ph.D., a professor of food science at Penn State College.

So unless youre saving your cylinders in a cozy, humid area (like the restroom or your health club storage locker), youre great on that particular front.

When it comes to the muscle-building mojo of healthy protein powder, it does reduce after the use-by day has passed. You could criticize a chain reaction called Maillard browning: The protein reacts with sugar left over from when the whey was removed from milk, resulting in a gradual malfunction of the amino acid lysine.


“If you lose lysine, then the powder will certainly not be as a total of a healthy protein,” says Roberts.

Only a day or two past the expiry date? Put a bit of it on your tongue. An additional indicator of Maillard browning is a discolor in flavor, says Roberts. If you taste cardboard, throw it.

And if it always tasted like cardboard, after that no surprise right stuff kicked back for so long. Maybe its time to shop for a new brand name, such as Isopure Absolutely No Carbohydrate Creamy Vanilla powder ($46, Amazon). It consists of 50 grams of protein each offering.