do masks protect us from the covid 19 coronavirus

In the last days, we are experiencing a huge of information about the coronavirus COVID-19: every day the number of infected, sick and deceased increases.

Do Masks Protect Us From the COVID-19 Coronavirus?
Do Masks Protect Us From the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

It is surprising how in the numerous gatherings that are offered to us through the media, we see non-health personnel and experts in the field who dare to give unsubstantiated opinions on the subject and even offer guidelines for action by the population before the threat of the new virus.

Increasingly, we see people wearing masks on the streets of our cities. Some to prevent contagion, others to avoid spreading.

We will try to clarify the usefulness of these devices and their correct use.

Already from the World Health Organization ( WHO ), very clear indications are given on when and how to use the mask in relation to the coronavirus :

For the general population and on the street, it has not been demonstrated that it reduces contagion because, fundamentally, it is not used properly:

  • Before putting it on, wash your hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based disinfectant.
  • The mask must completely cover the nose and mouth: it must be adjusted perfectly without gaps between the face and the mask.
  • The mask should not be touched with the hands while it is on, and if it is done, we must wash our hands again.
  • Single-use masks are single-use.¬†They should not be reused.
  • When removing the mask, we must put it in a closed container or bag and wash our hands again.

In summary

  • For the general population,¬†the use of masks is¬†NOT indicated to control the transmission or prevent transmission.
  • It can even, due to misuse, increase transmission.
  • In the case of suspected infection, to avoid transmission by cough, it should be used correctly and used only once.
  • The best way to prevent it is with hand washing.
  • In times of high incidence, it is advisable not to go to crowded places and stay at home.
  • Always follow the recommendations of the health authorities.