Difference between Paleo and Keto Diets

Difference between Paleo and Keto Diets – Low Carb (Keto) x Paleo sees here how nutritionists who know the two styles, try to explain to the public the differences between both diets.

Although very similar and with equal goals, this pair is more different than many people imagine. The carbohydrate suspension from the diet, of course, will provide the desired weight loss.

Thus, both diets seek the gradual abandonment of the carbohydrate diet. However, in different ways. While Paleolithic reserves the famous diet of the “Caveman”, the low carb diet seeks the gradual decrease of the intake of the same in the daily menu. In the dispute between Low Carb and Paleo, the winner must be you.


Difference between Paleo and Keto Diets

Difference between Paleo and Keto Diets

What is the Paleolithic Diet?

The Paleolithic diet consists of ingestion of some specific types of food that provide a natural diet – in natural foods as they are called. In a healthy way, without great efforts, however with some restrictions.

It is known as the Diet of the Ancestors or Diet of the Cave Men. Therefore, the foods that make up this diet come from hunting and fishing but also come from organic farming.

It can be said that, synthetically, the Paleolithic Diet is not a diet, but a lifestyle. A way to combine healthy nutrition approach from ancestors with the proportion of energy these foods offer.

The main factor of this diet is linked to the balance of omega 6 and 3 intake in our body. You need to decrease considerably the intake of omega 6 (consumed in several foods) and increase omega 3.

Grass-fed animals increase omega-3 levels in their body fat. While feed fed on rations (grains) have higher rates of omega 6 in their meat.


What is the low carb (keto) diet?

Low carb (keto) diet is the proposal of gradual reduction of carbohydrate intake. The basic dietary guidance of this diet is that only 50% of what is consumed in the day is a carbohydrate, giving preference to those with low glycemic index.

At the apex of the diet, the macronutrient can only make up something between 45% and 5% of what is ingested on the day.

Obviously, eating less than 40% of daily carbohydrates promotes notorious weight loss. However, it is crucial to note that this extreme reduction is not healthy and can trigger a number of consequences for your body health.


Whats the difference: Low Carb (Keto) x Paleo Diet

Finally, we come to the differences in the dispute between Low CarbĀ (Keto) x Paleo, to define the points that differ these two diets. Despite the few differences, they are essential to understanding a little of what covers one and the other.

The Low CarbĀ (Keto) diet ignores the quality of carbohydrates ingested. By focusing on the amount of this substance in the diet. The Paleolithic Diet, for example, adopts “precise” carbohydrates, so to speak, those already in the diet of our ancestors, such as tubers, for example.

Another important difference noted in both diets is on the food industry issue. While the consumption of foods from factories is abolished from the paleo diet (such as sausages, for example) the low carbĀ (Keto) diet makes constant use, such as smoked turkey breast.

Because it is a different form of consumption, what goes with it will also change. This is the case of fat ingested. While in the Low CarbĀ (Keto) diet they accompany the quality of the meat eaten, in the Paleolithic Diet the option is for the organic meat, coming from animals created naturally to the pasture (simulating the hunting of the ancestors), containing, therefore, a lower rate of fats.

Finally, on the question of dairy products, the Paleo Diet restricts ingestion, since it is not a common habit of the Paleolithic period to eat dairy products in adulthood. The Low Carb (Keto) diet, exclusively, restricts milk because of the high rate of lactose – a sugar. However, it does not cover any kind of “prohibition” on fermented products.


Low CarbĀ (Keto) vs. Paleo Diet: A Natural Dispute

The first step in the process aiming at a trend, be it Low Carb, be it Paleo, is to regulate the levels of carbohydrate intake. Undo, therefore, the constant propensity that we all have to feed ourselves erroneously.

It does not matter age, weight or health problems. Two natural diets with small differences between them can be a choice of a new lifestyle, adopting precepts that will provide an incredible change in daily life. In 3 or 4 weeks, of course, the changes will be evident.