Plastic Surgery for Acne Scars, Its Efficient?

The Plastic surgery for acne scars is the solution for those who had many pimples and is now trying to treat the marks that were on his face. There are several techniques that can make the skin smooth and smooth again, but before opting for a procedure, it is critical to consult with a dermatologist. … Read more

Plastic Surgery Debate Pros and Cons

Plastic Surgery Debate Pros and Cons –┬áThe advancement of techniques has made procedures quicker and safer, and postoperative procedures less painful. This contributes so that the accomplishment of two surgeries at the same is an option more and more frequent, mainly among the women. “Contrary to what it seems, many aesthetic surgeries can be associated … Read more

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean

Plastic Surgery Before and After Korean – South Korea is one of the countries with the highest worldwide rate of plastic surgery. This is due to a phenomenon related to Westernization, already verified in China. The eyelid surgery is possibly the surgery that evidences the biggest difference between western and eastern. The eyelid of the … Read more