The Best Way to Deal with Seizures in Children

The Best Way to Deal with Seizures in Children

Seizures, also known as convulsions or fits, can be a very frightening experience for parents to witness in their child. However, it is important to know that seizures are not uncommon in children and can be effectively managed if proper steps are taken. Here are some tips for managing seizures in children: 1. Remain calm … Read more

What causes Jaundice in Babies?

Is it worrisome for the newborn to have jaundice? More than 50 percent of healthy, absolutely normal babies get yellowed skin the first few days after birth. If this happens to your baby, you do not have to panic, but you need to talk to your pediatrician. As the peak of jaundice usually occurs between … Read more

How do Babies Breathe in Utero?

How do Babies Breathe in Utero –┬áThe baby does not actually breathe in the womb – at least not in the usual sense. He gets all the oxygen necessary for the functions of your body through the placenta and umbilical cord, ie the oxygen reaches the mothers blood.   This process has been known as … Read more

Negative Effects of Video Games on the Brain

In research published in 2005 in the American Behavioral Scientist, the authors identified a reduction of vocabulary and oral language in children who attended the program Teletubbies. However, they also reported a positive effect of the cartoon Clifford on the same skills. How far should we guide our education based on results of this type? … Read more