Garlic Tonic: Discover the Benefits of This Product for Your Hair

Garlic is very good for the health of the body, including the hair. Cheap and efficient, it promotes the growth of tresses, bringing incredible results. And it was betting on its benefits that numerous cosmetic companies developed the garlic tonic. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that increase hair resistance and improve blood circulation … Read more

How Often Should You Put Coconut Oil in Your Hair

Learn how to use coconut oil for hair and find out why it is the best product in the world! Coconut oil has become an obsession among women with regard to health and beauty. That’s because it has countless benefits for the body, skin and for something we love here: hair! Want to learn how to use coconut oil … Read more

How to Avoid White Hair

White hair, also known as a cannula, results from capillary aging, which is enhanced by external factors, such as excessive exposure to the sun, poor diet, use of cigarettes, excessive alcohol intake, and exposure to air pollution, which are factors that can be avoided. However, the internal factors associated with advancing age also contribute to … Read more

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair – As I wrote in the previous posts, knowing the porosity of your hair is important because it means how your hair retains moisture or even if it absorbs water. To understand what kind of porosity your hair has, you will want to perform a porosity test. With … Read more