Can You Live without a Liver?

Can You Live without a Liver?

Can You Live without a Liver



My uncle is a huge straight whiskey drinker and he lost his liver to him, how long he has to live without him?


His uncle is probably in hepatic impairment. I believe that is what you mean by losing your liver to him. Only the doctor can truly say how very advanced liver disease is really is. Generally, when making a liver biopsy.

Our body is composed of living cells. The liver is also composed of cells that make the functions (work) that the liver does as a whole, to keep the body well. If liver cells damaged by alcohol, these cells cannot perform these functions as well. If the beginning is just where they damaged cells and he stopped drinking … then there would be a chance that the problem could be reversed because it would heal the liver. However, if he continues to drink … can lead to the liver cell where the die and then the functions they would have done, start to deteriorate (ie, hepatic failure). As more and more liver cells die off, the farther he advanced on this disease to achieve total liver failure … the liver in case of death within the life of the patient. Then,

Only your doctor can tell by the blood tests, a biopsy of the liver, etc. if it has much longer to live or not. They are the ones who can give the patient and their families a guess.


Why Is Liver Important?

Did you know that the health of our liver depends largely on the food in our daily diet? We are often unaware of the functions so important to our well-being that we leave out our liver.

Actually, this vital organ is like a warehouse that holds many vitamins and minerals important to our health, such as copper, iron or vitamin A and D. At the same time, it is responsible for metabolizing toxic products, producing triglycerides and synthesizing cholesterol or proteins and convert the ammonia into urea.

Such is its importance for our body that the Red Cross has decided to launch a new campaign whose main objective is to educate the general public about how important it is to take care and pay attention to our liver and thus prevent liver disease.

With the touch of humor that characterizes the actor Goyo Jimรฉnez, the Red Cross wants to bring in a fun and entertaining way the importance that an organ as the liver has for our health.

The diet, as commented earlier, has a lot to do with it. It is also recommended to avoid foods that are especially toxic to the liver, such as processed, salty, baked, sugary or animal fats, as well as washing fruits before eating or even avoiding alcohol because alcohol is one of the most potentially harmful substances for our liver.

Is that you? Do you usually take care of your diet and pay attention to your liver? Have you seen the Red Cross campaign? What do you think?