Eggs are one of the worlds wellness foods.

They contain many important nutrients and can provide you with awesome health benefits.

Raw eggs do have all the same advantage as cooked eggs.

However, eating raw eggs or foods containing them raises concerns about the risk of Salmonella infection.

Also, your absorption of some nutrients may be reduced or even blocked completely.

One whole, large raw egg (50 grams) contains:

  • Protein: 6 grams.
  • Calories: 72.
  • Fat: 5 grams.
  • Selenium: 22% of the RDI.
  • Phosphorus: 10% of the RDI.
  • Folate: 6% of the RDI.
  • Vitamin A: 9% of the RDI.
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): 13% of the RDI.
  • Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid): 8% of the RDI.
  • Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin): 7% of the RDI.


Can You Get Sick from Eating Raw Eggs?

The egg is better when eaten raw: true or false?

Can You Get Sick from Eating Raw Eggs
Raw Eggs

That’s not true, the egg is an excellent source of protein. Each egg contains a little more than 8 G.

These proteins have a very satisfying amino acid composition. Nutritionists also consider the whole egg proteins as “reference proteins”.

However, this is true only if the White has been cooked or beaten in the snow.

Indeed, the raw egg white is very little digestible because it contains a substance that greatly hampers the use of proteins by the body.

Research indicates protein in cooked eggs is much more digestible than protein in raw eggs. If you eat them raw then your body may not be able to absorb all the protein.

On the other hand, the use of yellow proteins is better when the yolk is believed.

conclusion, to benefit from the exceptional quality of the proteins of the egg, consume them to the hull, poached or calves.

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