Can You Get Sick from Bed Bug Bites

Can You Get Sick from Bed Bug Bites –ย The other day I heard someone suggest that the recent epidemic of bed bugs on the east coast was largely a myth. Well, Ive been bitten by bed bugs and I can tell you, its not a myth. Unfortunately, the idea of bedbugs seems old-fashioned, even quaint, a vestige of the romantic past, like buckles of shoes and silk hats, so that skepticism is understandable. But if you have been bitten by bed bugs and has undergone a severe allergic reaction, you will not have much care for what skeptics say, you will be frantically looking for any information you can find to give a glimpse and relief.

Can You Get Sick from Bed Bug Bites?

Can You Get Sick from Bed Bug Bites
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There are several sites that offer good useful information on how to identify and get rid of bed bugs, but when it comes to dealing with the most bites of what you find online should be gleaned from the threads. This is a pity because the solid information can be communicated to those who suffer from bites, information that can dispel confusion and facilitate their distress.

Hypochondriacs, take note: If you have been bitten by bed bugs and you have an allergic reaction, you will not confuse them with anything else. I was regaled by mosquitoes and chiggers, stung by bees and chomp by the flies. Nothing is comparable to the itching and swelling inducing madness caused by an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. Heres how it goes:

In the morning, after being bitten, you will notice a few red marks distributed here and there on your shoulders and arms. They may not even eat at first. But as the day progresses, you will start to consider them as a mild irritant. Youll surprise yourself at itching tiny red bumps that look like flaming pimples. That night, you can go back to bed in the rack of your torture that followed, ignoring the fact that you are the victim of a nest teeming with pests just below you.

The next day you will start noticing something abnormal. You will notice more red marks, perhaps sewn in close collaboration, as if all that was biting you were looking for the best place to eradicate PO you might think these are fresh bites, but what you are more likely to see bites from the previous night than begin to manifest.

This can last up to nine days of new bites to manifest daily until you are arm, the shoulders, torso and neck are swollen riddled with red bumps that look like can briefly the mosquito bites but that soon will resolve itself in full welts. These zebra will have more commonalities with the beginning of the smart grass than with a torrid night spent camping next to the stagnant water. Not long, you will find yourself itching furiously.

The association with Poison Ivy is relevant. Itching and swelling are the reaction of your body to the saliva of the bed bug that has been injected into the bloodstream during feeding.

It should be noted that all people have an allergic reaction. Some are practically sheltered. Others have a much softer response. This can lead to a puzzling riddle. How can it be if bed bugs two people have slept in the same bed, but only one person knows the distress?

It is not the least part of the insidious nature of stinging bedbugs that they manifest in a way that is illusory and deceptive, which leads to uncertainty and deepening of the victims distress.

My own experience is a good example. I was bitten in a motel room over two nights. The bites, however, did not become full blown until four days later, when I stayed at my parents house. I saw what appeared to be the new stings every day, so I naturally alarmed myself that I was bitten again and worried that I had carried the bugs with me and infested their home.

Bed bugs can hang on luggage and clothes and travel with you. So, I washed the whole hot water and dried linen twice in the hot air. I sprayed inside my luggage with a bed bug spray and made sure that nothing was laid on the floor. Yet I was not sure. I frantically searched the seams and stitching of the bedding and woke up in intervals, turning on the light to try to catch the creatures in the law. It was an illusion. Bed bugs had not travelled with me, but the original bites continued appearing in new ways and exasperating for the five more days!

My itching bites continued for nine days after being bitten, with the severe reaction occurring on the fifth day. The swelling lasted almost two weeks. The red marks took more than a month to fade. Even after the episode was over, I felt the stings of ghosts, from time to time, a psychological reaction is not uncommon to the trauma of having been fed. I consoled myself knowing that bed bugs did not bite during the day and that if I had been bitten at all, it was not by bedbugs.

The recent bug plague, which took off in New York last year and now spreads along the East coast (I was bitten in Alexandria, Virginia) came so fast on many doctors were thrown out for a loop. Threads are plagued with stories of bad diagnoses of doctors who see a variety of sting events for the first time.

Treatment with topical analgesics may be ineffective on the reactions as severe as these. In some cases, reactions can be so severe that they can lead to anaphylactic shock. Relief can be hard to find. A hot shower will only give a temporary respite, followed by a ferocious spike in itching. Moisturizers for the skin will only offer a light and unsatisfactory help.

Swelling and itching of bed bug bites should be treated for what they are, an allergic reaction. If your doctor will not prescribe an appropriate antihistamine at once, choose a drug on the counter like Benadryl or Zyrtec and attack the problem yourself. This is your best chance to relieve the itching.

Again, it is important to note that all people react to bed bug bites in the same way, but judging by the threads, severe reactions are widespread. Unfortunately, lack of information, confusion and skepticism, as well as the late reaction and the nine-day cycle, any tendency to prolong the misery of the sick and delay an immediate and effective action.

If you are worried that you have been bitten by bedbugs, you arrive at a doctor, take the appropriate steps to relieve the itching and try to relax. It will be finished soon enough and you will never confuse the bed bug bites for any other type of bites again.