Ways to Lose Weight

June 3 was chosen to remind you of a problem that affects children around the world: Its Child Morbid Obesity Awareness Day . The problem is so serious that the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are only 42 million children under 5 years of age across the globe. From the health plan it is possible to identify and treat the problem early, so that the child acquires new eating habits without suffering. See how!

Ways to Lose Weight


Parents may be responsible for morbid child obesity

The causes of childhood morbid obesity are varied, but a new study points to the poor example of parents as the main factor.

The research, from the University of Sussex in England, was done with 100,000 children and their parents in several countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia and China – the latter two considered to be “meager”. The result was the discovery that the process of intergenerational transmission of obesity is the same: by domestic habits.

Another study, this one from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, shows that the problem is not the pizza or hamburger after the movie. These are daily family habits . Fast and super caloric snacks made every day, lack of time to cook at home, sedentary lifestyle , etc.

Thus, although obese mothers tend to beget children who will be obese and genetic diseases can alter appetite, for experts this is the exception.

The child is considered obese when BMI (body mass index) exceeds the ideal for its age and physical structure. When BMI is much higher, infant morbid obesity is considered.

Make Your Child Slim Without Suffering
Reduce the amount of sweets, fats and increase that of fruits and vegetables – always avoiding frying is the basics. The health plan offers multidisciplinary treatment against childhood morbid obesity , but we must go further. See how at home you can help your child to lose weight in a quiet and enduring way.


1 – LEARN TO GIVE the example

Children are a mirror of parents. Try to change your eating habits and habits at the same time as his. No burglaries, even when you think no one is watching.

One hour he will catch you and lose all confidence in what you say – or follow his example and also go to rob the refrigerator. Learn to take responsibility for your childs weight loss .

2 – Forget the story of “eat everything to stay strong”

Child eats what she needs, we just expand her stomach with that story of “just another spoon.” To be strong, you do not have to eat everything – you have to eat right. That is, it is not quantity, it is quality.

3 – Do not be afraid to say no

Some parents can not impose limits. Do not be afraid to say no. A child does not make decisions thinking about the consequences for their long-term health , but you do. But nothing to stop punishment or just talk to her when the tantrum is over. Talk about it and be firm, without being harsh.

4 – Meals must have the right time

Eating is a habit, and stipulating times should be part of the routine. So you avoid gluttony out of time and discourage the snack between meals. Also, do not overestimate certain foods.

When you say youre leaving the candy for a special day, youre automatically saying its tastier. So you feed gluttony and sharpen desire.

5 – Make a specific food plan for the child

The presence of a nutritionist is critical to making an individualized eating plan. The specialist will analyze the nutritional needs of the child, weight loss and also their preferences and habits .

In this way he will elaborate a diet compatible with the reality and the taste of the child , making it healthier, but also more pleasant. Respect strictly what is determined and always keep in touch with the nutritionist of the health plan to resolve doubts.

6 – Do not make separate food for children

Everyone in the house must eat the same food. Seek to enjoy the wave and embark everyone on healthy food . Of course there may be a small variation of the dietitians diet from one to another, but parents and siblings should not eat a lasagne while one of the children eats a salad.

In parties, you do not need to isolate him so he does not feel bad. Instead, offer healthier alternatives, such as baked snacks instead of fried foods.

7 – Keeping an eye on the dispensation

Eliminate all that is caloric, from biscuits stuffed with salty snacks. Remove the soft drinks, replacing them with juices, natural refreshments or teas. Leave only healthy food in the refrigerator and cupboards, so its harder to fall into temptation and reduce obesity.

8 – Do not eat watching TV

Finish meals in front of the television. As nobody pays attention to what is brought to the mouth, it is common to eat nonsense and a larger amount, unnecessarily.

Instead, make the meal an hour in the family. Talk about the day, tell the news, talk. So, in addition to the meal getting lighter and focused, it also ends up increasing the bond with the child.


The child morbid obesity can be reversed, but the child will never get it myself. Family support is key, as is a nutritionist. If needed, treatment may include other specialists, such as psychologists and endocrinologists , all found in your health plan.