How does Valerian Root Work

How does Valerian Root Work – Valeriana officinalis or valerian is a medicinal plant also known by the names of the herb cats, valerian-of-pharmacy, and wild valerian. The herb produces pink colored flowers and can reach one meter in height.
How does Valerian Root Work

Found for sale in its natural form in health food stores, pharmacies and street markets, the herb can also be purchased in capsule form, tablets, and dye (which are concentrated herbal extracts, made with chopped herbs and alcohol, which serve to retain the essential compounds of plants), dropwise.

Valerian root is known to be endowed with antispasmodic, sedative, calming, soníferas, anticonvulsants, relaxing and soporific – causing sleep.

What is? Seven benefits of valerian
Already it has to have a basic idea of what is the grass, is not it? Well, its time to get to know some indications and benefits to which valerian is associated:


1. Helps you sleep better

For bringing a calming effect and have relaxing, sedative and that stimulate and provoke sleep, valerian can serve as a natural remedy for people who suffer from sleeping difficulties. It is important to know that even the soporific power of medicinal plant has been attested by several studies.

Studies have shown that the herb decreases the time it takes a person to sleep and improves sleep quality. At the same time, the plant brings low chances of the person suffering from morning drowsiness.


2. Combat anxiety and stress

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes valerian as an herb that can bring benefits regarding anxiety.

Researchers have found that the herb root increases the amount of the chemical gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. Such a compound helps regulate nerve cells and calms anxiety.

Moreover, the fact of being relaxed, to contribute to improving the quality and increasing sleep duration and decrease anxiety causes the grass can also collaborate with stress management.


3. Does valerian lose weight?

The confectionery Keziah Pereira Rocha Nevez said he lost 35 kg over a period of nine months with the aid Herb capsule.

She revealed that she had already started her weight loss process and had eliminated 15 kg in three months. However, still suffered from hunger he felt dawn. So, after reading about the product on the internet, I decided to use it.

The result: the herb worked as a natural sedative, delivered the confectionery anxiety, helped her sleep better, control the amount of food you put on the plate and end the gluttony. However, it is important to know that the grass was not responsible for Keziah slimming.

Valerian even helped, however, was not the only tactic adopted by it. In addition to the plant capsule, it cut frying, the soda, and sugar, decreased intake of pasta, included healthy food on the menu and started to drink more water.

The pastry chef even stopped making long intervals between meals, we tried to control himself in front of the bakery goodies and became daily walks.

That is, you can not expect that valerian causes the magical and immediate weight loss. Although it may take an effort, so that the desired effect is achieved it is essential to follow a healthy, balanced diet, controlled and nutritious and physical activities to maximize caloric burn.


4. Decreased blood pressure

The active compounds of valerian that help control anxiety and stress can also contribute to the regulation of blood pressure. Something that is important to avoid high blood pressure, which increases the chances of the heart attack and stroke.


5. Relieves menstrual cramps

One of discomfort arising from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is cramping. The root of valerian can help alleviate the problem because it is an antispasmodic and sedative compound, which acts as a natural relaxant for muscles and suppresses muscle spasms.

A survey conducted by the Islamic Azad University in Iran indicated that the root of the medicinal plant could calm the severe contractions of the uterus that cause women pain during their menstrual cycle.


6. Aid for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

The condition is characterized by obsessive and intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors, and the need to check the things again and again and have a routine with rituals that are repeated and follow a standard of strict rules, which are set by the individual.

All this can result in damages in the quality of life of patients, affecting their professional, personal and social aspects.

The 2011 year of research Uuma that lasted eight weeks indicated that valerian might offer some contribution to the treatment of OCD, well tolerated by patients.


7. It contributes to the treatment of hyperactivity in children

A 2014 study evaluated the effects of a combination of lemon balm and valerian root extract in 169 children with proper age for an elementary school for seven weeks.

The result was that the percentage of children who had hyperactivity decreased from 60% to 13%. Also, the rate of children who could not have focus was reduced from 75% to 14%, and parents observed that there was an improvement in the sleep of the small players.

Although the results are not conclusive, they are classified as promising and indicate that the combination of herbs can be used as an accompaniment to traditional treatment for hyperactivity. Always with the guidance of a doctor, obviously.


How do valerian tea

Now lets learn a recipe for how to make tea from the medicinal plant:


  • One tablespoon root tea and valerian rhizome finely chopped;
  • Boiling water.

Method of preparation:

  • Place the boiling water in a cup of tea;
  • Add valerian and muffle for five minutes;
  • After, strain and consume the tea.
  • Care valerian
  • One of the herb contraindications refers to people who have hypersensitivity to the plant extract.
  • Pregnant women are also advised not to make use of the medicinal plant, as well as people who suffer from liver problems.

Children and women who are breastfeeding should check with the doctor about the use of valerian. She cannot be left in a place easily accessible to cats because it can cause irritant effect or euphoric to animals.

It is important to know that the plant can cause side effects. The list of reactions includes dizziness, gastrointestinal upset, contact allergies, headache, excitement, malaise and pupil dilation. Its use is still prolonging associated with problems such as fatigue, insomnia, and heart disorders.

To cause drowsiness and have sedative effects, herb root based users of supplements should not drive, operate heavy machinery or work activities that require alertness after ingesting the product.

If you are making use of any medication or supplement, consult your doctor before using valerian to find out if there is no risk of interaction. For example, it is not recommended to use the plant and melatonin, which also treats insomnia and sleep-related problems, while it may appear a very strong sedative effect.

Before using the herb to treat any health condition, consult with your doctor to see if it is even suitable for your case and safe for your health.