6 Ways to Get Sleepy and Stay Wide Awake

To get sleep during the day, at work, after lunch or to study, a good tip is to consume stimulating foods or drinks like coffee, red bull or black chocolate, for example.

However, the most effective way to end sleep during the day is to get enough sleep at night. The ideal sleep time is about 7 to 8 hours a night, however, if the person sleeps for 9 hours at night and when they wake up, feel refreshed and moody, it is 9 hours of good sleep they need.

6 Ways to Get Sleepy and Stay Wide Awake

So, some great tips for getting sleep during the day include:


1. Eat Stimulating Foods

To take sleep, it is recommended to consume stimulating foods or drinks, such as:

  • Strong coffee;
  • Guarana powder;
  • Red bull;
  • Acai;
  • Black chocolate;
  • Ginger tea.

These foods are high in caffeine, which is considered energetic, being able to increase the disposition, because it accelerates the heart beat, improving the blood circulation and, as a consequence, takes the sleep. However, its use should be kept to a minimum, as it not only favors heart disease, but also impedes the absorption of calcium and may harm bones.


2. Take a quick nap

A good tip for those who can not get enough sleep during the night is to take advantage of lunch time for a quick nap and enjoy travel from commute to work sleeping. Although not a good quality sleep, this also decreases the risk of the individual getting sleepy during the day.

The individuals most likely to suffer from daytime sleep are those who work in shifts, such as health professionals, police officers, firefighters and security guards. For these, it is advisable that they take advantage to sleep or to rest whenever they can.


3. Have good sleep habits

To have good sleep habits, it is advised that the individual sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night, go to sleep at the same time and always get up at the same time. Other tips are:

  • Avoid staying in front of the computer and television 2 hours before bedtime;
  • Sleep in a quiet and comfortable room. A good tip is to buy an earplug that is used for swimming and use it to sleep if the neighborhood is too noisy;
  • Make the last meal until 1 hour before going to bed, to avoid indigestion;
  • Avoid thinking about many things when you go to bed, giving preference to calm and calm thoughts and avoiding worries;
  • Eat healthy.

Always being sleepy during the day is not a good sign as it means that the body has not rested enough at night and this can cause minor work accidents or diminish your performance.

Some diseases can also cause the individual to feel sleepy during the day, some examples are insomnia, restless legs syndrome, obesity, sleep apnea, narcolepsy and somnambulism. In the latter case, the ideal is to seek medical help, because by eliminating these causes, the sleep returns to be restorative and the symptom of having sleep during the day is not frequent.


4. Natural Remedy for Sleep

Taking a cold water bath is a great natural remedy for getting sleep. Rubbing the entire body with a very thick bushing makes this process even more effective.

Sometimes a 15-minute sleep stop is enough to restore the strength and level of alertness needed to cope with the rest of the day or night. Regularly doing some kind of physical activity improves mood and gives more disposition, this being a good method to scare away sleep. Staying very still, in a very quiet environment, will only make things worse.


5. Home Remedy to Take Sleep

A great home remedy to sleep is ginger tea.


  • 1 tablespoon minced ginger
  • 1 cup water

Method of preparation:

Put the water in a pan and put the ginger, boiling it for about 10 minutes. Cover, let cool, strain and sweet to taste. Drink soon after.


6. Sleep Remedy Remedies

There are also medicines that do not need a prescription, which can be bought in pharmacies or drugstores and help sleep, such as capsules of guarana powder, for example. However, if the individual is always tired and sleepy, even if he sleeps 8 hours a night, he should go to a doctors office for a health assessment, as he may suffer from anemia or low blood pressure, for example.

In some situations truck drivers take amphetamines, popularly known as rivet, to be able to stay awake driving longer, however their use is harmful to the body and addictive, and it is necessary to use increasing doses to maintain the same effect.