5 Ways To Burn More Fat

5 Ways To Burn More Fat – You have to be careful with eating fat. If you go overboard, you will gain weight quickly. If you under do it, your health and weight loss will deteriorate. And please ignore the current fad of increasing animal saturated fat intake because its healthy. So here is how to optimize your fat intake to burn fatter:

5 Ways To Burn More Fat
5 Ways To Burn More Fat
  1. Have plant saturated fat: Animal saturated fat is bad for you, plant saturated fat is not. So dont be afraid to have some coconut with your morning oatmeal. You see, plant saturated fat has more carbon than saturated animal fat.
  2. Dont pop too many fish oil pills: Doing so puts your heart at risk. You see, too much of anything can be bad for you. And omega three fats are no exception here. When taken in excess, they can increase heart oxidation (i.e., atherosclerosis).
  3. Opt for cold pressed oils: Even something like mayonnaise can be manufactured with heat treated oils. And heat treated oils can actually be worse than trans fats. In the end, you are much safer sticking with cold pressed olive oil.
  4. Aim for fifty percent of your fat intake from monounsaturated sources: And the other fifty percent from polyunsaturated sources. A great monounsaturated fat is an olive oil, avocados, and olives. Polyunsaturated fat sources would be things like salmon, oysters, sardines, and tofu.
  5. Eliminate trans fat completely: There is no safe intake level of trans fats. The best approach here is to eliminate them from your diet. If you dont, your cells will change at the structural level. And once this happens, fat loss will be tough.

Your diet has to include fats for health and for sustainable weight loss. So make sure you start optimizing your fat intake as soon as possible. You have to take action here, or you will forget the information!
Writer Katherine Crawford, an exercise expert, and former flabby arms sufferer instructs on how to get rid of flabby arms. Excavate how to become sensual and toned arms by visiting her website with arm exercises for women right now!