10 Tips To Help You Beat A Cold – With every day a cold day, you better be on the lookout for ways to fight that nasty cold. Colds can make you feel like crap for a few days. So what are some tips to cure a cold? Keep reading as you learn to overcome a cold.

how to beat a cold
how to beat a cold

Get Plenty of Rest: Sleep is the best cure for a cold. To overcome a cold you need to make sure that you are getting the recommended amount of sleep for your age.

Drink Fluids: As you take the over the counter medications to overcome a cold, you will find that they can dry you out. The best way to cure a cold is to make sure you are refreshing your body with liquids. The more liquids you intake the more you urinate and get rid of the germs.

Watch What You Eat: You need to make sure that you eat things that have Vitamin C in them. This will help you cure a cold. These are foods such as honey and garlic.


Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol: the reason for this is that these dont tend to help you overcome a cold, but rather dehydrates you.

Vapor: You get the stuffy nose and congested chest. The best way to overcome a cold when it gets this bad is hot liquids and hot showers to break up all that congestion.

Medications: There are many over the counter medications that are used to cure a cold. Make sure you are only taking medications that help the symptoms that you have.Relax: While you dont have to sleep the whole time you are at home, take

Relax: While you dont have to sleep the whole time you are at home, take the time to watch some television and other things. Just let your mind and body rest thats one thing to do that everyone recommends.

Fevers: If you have a fever, the best way to overcome this is to let it happen and just sweat it out.

Wash Your Hands: Make sure not to spread those germs. Wash your hands so you wont spread it further in your system or catch it again.

These are the most common tips how to beat a cold. They help and work. These are safe as well and save you a doctors fee. So, try it today and see how this takes care of all your symptoms. It has worked for many and has worked for numbers of years. Just see for yourself. – how to beat a cold